Purpose Brasil


Purpose Brasil is based in São Paulo.

We have worked with the City Of Dreams coalition, contributed to urban climate solutions policy-making, and supported Resista movement to communicate the sustainable agriculture and land protection agenda. We also work to promote clean urban mobility with Bus of Dreams and boost climate coverage made by communication groups from the outskirts of Brazilian cities with Climate & Territories.

We’d love to get in touch. Send us a note at saopaulo@purpose.com

Mariana Ribeiro

Senior Campaign Director & Head of Office, Purpose Brazil

Pronouns: she / her

Mariana is a Senior Campaign Director and the Head of Office at Purpose Brazil. She brings 10+ years of experience in working at the intersection of communications and social impact in different capacities. From social entrepreneur to campaigner and strategist, to documentary impact producer, in her career Mariana has collaborated with corporate brands, philanthropies, filmmakers, NGOs, grassroots organizations and activists from different parts of the globe.

From 2015 through 2017, Mariana was part of the Strategy Team at Purpose NYC, working primarily with corporate brands such as Unilever South Africa, Intel and Nike on social-mission driven projects, besides collaborating on global campaigns such as #ClimateChangeIsReal and #RefugeesWelcome.

Mariana's background includes producing an acclaimed web series with 75 short docs about activists driving change in all parts of Brazil. Mariana was the Communications and Projects Director at Nossas, a non-profit organization in the field of civic technology, where she created and led a lab structure to push innovative rapid-response campaigns and solidarity networks, with special focus on women’s rights and prevention of gender-based violence. She has also managed the national team of the impact campaign of 2020 Academy Award nominated feature documentary The Edge of Democracy.

Mariana is an MBA graduate in Marketing (FGV/SP) and a specialist in Design for Social change from The School of Visual Arts (NYC). She is a member of the Board of All Out, a global movement working to build a world where no one will have to sacrifice their freedom because of who they are or who they love.

Mariana is a hug activist and will convince you that hugs are also an amazing tool for social change. She's also a firm believer that everyone should visit Rio at least once in a lifetime. But she will hug you even if you think otherwise.

Headshot of person in white tank top against gray background

Ana Clara Toledo

Senior Strategist & Partnerships Lead

Pronouns: she / her

As a Purpose Senior Strategist and Partnerships lead, Ana Clara brings together expertises in campaigning, training for activism and innovation on civic mobilization. With a background on policy change campaigns in women’s rights, climate and city-issues, vast experience in developing training methodologies, and a large story in building solidarity networks, Ana delivers campaign strategies built in the best practices. At Purpose, she works in Brazil’s Climate Lab and on Business Development, building strategies and proposals for impact projects. 

Before joining Purpose, Ana was a part of NOSSAS's leadership team, a Brazilian activism lab. She led Beta, the world’s first chatbot used to mobilize citizens for political action, the Mobilizers Program, a training developed for young activists in Brazil and Latin America, impactful crowdfunding campaigns and dozens of rapid response campaigns all through Brazil.

Ana Clara graduated at UFRJ with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, and at Harvard Kennedy School with an Executive Degree on Public Narrative with Marshall Ganz. 

When not at work, she can be found planning her next trip or exploring electronic music.

Ana Neca

Senior Project & Staffing Manager

Pronouns: she / her

As a Senior Project & Staffing Manager at Purpose Brasil, Ana Neca works with the team to build campaign strategies, take care of workflows, and support colleagues on building capacity to deliver their incredible work! At Purpose, she has worked with profit and non-profit clients and partners, including LEGO Foundation, IKEA Foundation, Instituto Clima e Sociedade, WWF-Brasil, Fundação Tide Setubal, Open Society Foundation, Natura and Ben&Jerry's.

She's also in charge of implementing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives and fostering a collaborative culture at the Brazil office.

Before joining Purpose, Ana worked with Brazilian non-governmental organizations since 2006, including playing several roles at Instituto Akatu on communications management to promote sustainable consumption and production, and campaigning for childhood protection at Instituto Alana and ANDI – Comunicação e Direitos. She's also founder of MOVIMENTO, a people and organizational management company. 

Ana holds a B.A. in Law, a postgraduate degree in Communications Management and is certified PMDPro (Project Management for Development Professionals). Learning languages, different cultures, cooking, and traveling (both beach and countryside) are her passions. She's also in love with learning and experimenting as a mother - her son, Tom, is an incredible partner for all these things!

Headshot for a campaign agency

Caroline Rego

Associate Strategy Director

Pronouns: she / her

Caroline Rego is Associate Strategy Director and Strategy Lead in Purpose's Brazil office. She develops and implements creative and engagement strategies and campaigns to help partners achieve meaningful social impact. At Purpose, she has worked with non-profit clients and partners, including LEGO Foundation, Luminate, IKEA Foundation and United Nations.

Prior to Purpose, she worked with education and climate issues for organizations such as WWF-Brazil, Victor Civita Foundation and National Geographic – Abril Group creating and managing communication campaigns and driving solutions to business development. She also had experience with branding and marketing in agencies and companies such as Ana Couto and Itaú.

Caroline holds a bachelor's degree in Social Communication, postgraduate degrees in Sustainable Development and Business Management, and Project Management for Development Professionals (PMD Pro) certification.

She is passionate about traveling, discovering different cultures, learning new languages and decided to make a difference every day.

Gabriel Gomes

Campaign Director

Pronouns: he / him

Gabriel Gomes is a Campaign Director & the Campaigns Lead at Purpose Brasil. With 10+ years of experience in marketing and social impact, Gab believes that creativity, systemic approach and giving power to the crowds are the three key pillars for building the transformation we need and desire. At Purpose, he leads the development of engagement strategies and creative campaigns to move people to action to achieve real meaningful goals. Gab brings enthusiasm, creative passion and an outstanding capacity to make ideas happen in every project he gets involved with.

Prior to joining Purpose, Gab worked as a Social Innovation Marketing Manager at Red Bull Brasil, accountable for projects, events, mentorships, and storytelling programs for social entrepreneurs and tech innovators throughout the country. Previously, Gabriel was the Cofounder and Creative Director of two companies: Cosmonauta – a design studio, and Shoot – a social impact agency focused on creative urban interventions and engagement strategies.

Gabriel has a B.A in Communication Studies from PUCRS (BR), with a post-graduation degree in Systems Thinking in Practice from The Open University (UK). He is also the co-author of two books and has spoken in more than 50 events on topics related to entrepreneurship, creativity and social impact.

Outside the office, you may find Gab practicing sports (mainly tennis, basketball, skateboarding, chess), or spending time in his little balcony garden where he grows cherry tomatoes, peppers, basil, and other ingredients that he uses for cooking.

Helena Arruda

Marketing & Partnerships Trainee

Pronouns: she / her

Helena is a trainee in Marketing and Partnerships, in charge of publicizing the projects and contacting partners. 

Before joining the Purpose team, Helena worked in several communication fields, having the expertise to work with Film, Cultural Production and Community Management. 

Helena is fascinated by acquiring knowledge in entrepreneurship and creative economy and believes in the importance of perceiving the social, cultural and political context in which she is inserted in order to have a communication that respects the protagonism of each individual. 

Helena has a degree in Social Communication - Advertising and Propaganda from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi and is graduated in Cinema from Instituto de Cinema. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies and series, visiting art exhibitions and immersing herself in the world of still photography.

Person headshot for campaign agency, in blue shirt with gray background

Juliana Matteucci

Senior Strategist

Pronouns: she / her

Juliana Matteucci is a Senior Strategist at Purpose Brazil. Her career is grounded in communications for social and environmental issues. With a background in campaign strategies, fundraising, events, and design, she is always on the lookout for innovative practices. At Purpose, she has so far worked with various partners and clients, including the LEGO Foundation, Luminate, IKEA Foundation, and the United Nations.

Before joining Purpose, she worked with SOS Children’s Village, Victor Civita Foundation and Nova Escola Association in Brazil, where she participated in its business development and innovation opening opportunities with other organizations such as Volkswagen Foundation, Faber-Castell, Unilever, and others. She also has experience working with Global Water Partnership in Sweden. In addition, she partnered with some of her friends to create the Somar para Multiplicar network, which provides monthly assistance to small organizations in Sao Paulo. 

Juliana has a B.A. in Social Communications, and spent a couple of years in Barcelona to obtain her master’s degrees in Marketing and International Studies focused on International Organizations and Cooperation.

She loves the Spanish language, and she has many friends all over Latin America and Spain. Depending on the nationality of the person to whom she is speaking, she likes to use different slangs: “Pura vida” (pure life)!

Headshot of person for campaign agency in red shirt

Laila Bellix


Pronouns: she / her

Laila Bellix believes that her work is about people, putting them in the center of processes and making dialogs happen.  As a Strategist at Purpose, she brings her experience with participation, transparency policies, and facilitation of groups to promote campaigns of impact on these issues. 

She has worked for over 7 years with the open government agenda, with experience in the public sector and civil society organizations. She was coordinator of the transparency department at São Paulo City Hall  and also co-founded the Open Government Institute.

Laila has a master's degree in public policy from the University of São Paulo. She is a member of open government fellows of the OAS and Ford Fund. 

When she's not at Purpose, she loves all the Brazilian passions: watching soccer in a stadium, cooking typical food, and reading the amazing writers that we have. 

Headshot of person for Purpose Campaigns

Laura Guerreira

Operations Trainee

Pronouns: she / her

Laura is an Operations Trainee at Purpose Brasil and is responsible for supporting admin-related issues across all projects.

With 5+ years of experience in the areas such as Education, Cinema and Social Impact, Laura is always looking for opportunities to marry her greatest passions: dynamic, creative work and positive change in the world.

Laura has a special fascination with social movements and causes, and believes that only through social participation is it possible to reach truly diverse, responsible and inclusive societies.

Laura has a degree in Social Sciences from the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul and when she is not working, she likes to immerse herself in films, TV series, and documentaries that discuss cultural, social and political issues. Outside of work hours, you can also find her having an ice cream cone in the streets of São Paulo.

Lígia Oliveira


Pronouns: she / her

As a Purpose Campaigner, Lígia is a social impact-driven professional, that brings together communication expertise, ability in designing creative narratives and passion for politics. With a background in daily newspapers, electoral politics and non-profit organizations, Lígia is a political marketing specialist that believes that communication is one of the most important tools for social change. At Purpose Brazil, she has worked with the team building campaign strategies and executing projects connected with gender and with electoral advocacy.

Before joining Purpose, Lígia spent almost 3 years as an executive-coordinator of a political renewal movement that develops public policies for elected politicians and technical professionals in government. She has also worked as a freelancer and as a trainee at two of the most prestigious newspapers of Brazil - Folha de S. Paulo and O Estado de S. Paulo.

Lígia graduated in Social Communication/Journalism from State University “Julio de Mesquita Filho” (Unesp) and holds an MBA in Political Marketing and Electoral Propaganda from São Paulo University (USP).

She is also a volunteer at Virada Política, a political, independent and collaborative event that takes place in São Paulo. When not in office, Lígia is passionate about movies, discussions about gender and studying Latin America history.

Marjorie Enya

Project Manager

Pronouns: she / her

Marjorie Enya believes in the Olympic ideals of friendship, excellence and respect. As Project Manager at Purpose Brazil, she merges the analytical acumen she developed as a historian with a solid understanding of processes and operations. At Purpose, she has so far worked with various partners and clients, including the LEGO Foundation, Luminate, IKEA Foundation, Lemann Foundation, ActionAid, and the United Nations. 

Before joining Purpose, Marjorie dedicated over 7 years to working in sport and event management, which ranged from creating high performance training environments to delivering major sport events such as the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and Rugby World Cup 7s in San Francisco, among many other events in Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, and USA. Marjorie is now also a council member at World Rugby, and an elected athlete representative on the Brazil Rugby board.

Marjorie holds a BA in History from University of São Paulo (USP), is an MBA graduate in Project Management (FGV/SP), and a master candidate at the International Olympic Academy in Olympia, Greece. She also attended the Social Impact Strategy Program, at University of Pennsylvania.

When her eyes are too tired to read and her legs are too tired to go on a hike, she is probably at home encouraging her wife to bake ambitious desserts - which she will definitely eat before the actual meal, just in case.


Headshot for campaign agency, blue shirt

Nathalia Rocha

Strategy Manager

Pronouns: she / her

As a Strategy Manager at Purpose Brazil, Nathalia brings together a solid social impact communication background and campaigning expertise, always fostering partnerships and working to strengthen collective-led processes within organizations and grassroots movements.

As part of the Strategy Team at Purpose Brazil, Nathalia has led a number of climate change campaigns focused on building power for marginalised and under organized groups, having also collaborated with nonprofits and companies working in the environmental field, such as WWF and Natura. 

Before joining Purpose, Nathalia worked at CAUSE, a cause-marketing agency in which she led projects with corporate brands, NGOs and national philanthropies, mainly connected to environmental or human rights issues. Previously, she worked at Amnesty International as a fundraiser, developing storytelling tactics to attract new donors. She has also written articles about LGBT+ rights, mental health and national politics for Vice Media. 

Nathalia has a bachelor degree in Journalism (Unesp/SP) and holds a MBA in Marketing and Digital Communication from ESPM. She is a member of the steering committee of Narrativas, a network of communication professionals working on cause-related projects across Brazil.

When not at Purpose, she can be found playing with her cats or testing new vegetarian recipes.

Raphael Bento

Senior Creative Writer

Pronouns: he / him

Raphael Bento is Senior Creative Writer (Associate Manager) at Purpose Brasil. With 9 years of experience in communication, he began his career in journalism, at the Petiscos portal, an exponent of the beauty and behavior segment in the country. There, he wrote articles and conducted interviews with showbizz figures, and impacted an audience of thousands of people daily. 

As he was about to graduate in Philosophy, a course he is majoring in at the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp), he also got into advertising, initially in a Soko campaign for Skol. Since then, he has thought and developed narratives for agencies such as Mesa Company, Estúdio Eixo, and MOOC, and brands and companies such as Do Bem, TikTok, and Ambev, through a creative writing style that considers sensibility, listening, and intuition to make the words flow.

In parallel, he keeps his journalistic essence alive through his own website "The Enthusiast - Chronicles of a Street Corner Correspondent", an electronic journal that reports his views and experiences about the crossroads between culture, arts, architecture, gastronomy, music, etc. 

He always keeps an eye on what is going on, therefore, in art and communication, and enhances his knowledge and connects with what matters in his wanderings around the world, present at exhibitions, concerts, shows, backstage, dressing rooms, classrooms, discussions, reviews, and tables in bars all over the world.

Raquel Bandoni

Finance & Ops Associate Director

Pronouns: she / her

Raquel Bandoni joined Purpose as Finance and Ops Associate Director, being responsible for the delivery of finance and administrative services such as financial analysis, reporting, budgeting, compliance and contracts management, in accordance with legislative requirements and organizational policies and strategies, with a focus on continuing to build on Purpose’s strategy of the country. 

Raquel has over 19 years’ experience in providing professional services across a broad range of finance areas including accounting, controllership, compliance and business processes. Prior to joining Purpose, Raquel held senior finance positions working with profit and non-profit Organizations in Brazil.

Her educational background includes a MA in Accounting and an MBA in Business Management. She currently lives in São Paulo with her family and her hobbies are growing flowers and cooking.

Renata Vargas

Project Manager

Pronouns: she / her

Renata is a Project Manager at Purpose, where she is responsible for collaborating with the team so that projects develop in an organized and fluid manner.

Graduating in journalism from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, she joined the communication area in 2008, in an internship in press relations. In 2009 she started working in an advertising agency, and had the opportunity to experiment in different areas: writing, creation, customer service, and finally, project management. It was in project management where she found herself the most, organizing flows, timetables and dealing with people. After that, she worked at other advertising agencies, large and small, digital and offline, and had contact with various types of projects, from the simple to the more complex, production and development of websites, applications, and events. Renata has worked with brands such as L'Oreal, Habib's, PepsiCo, Renault, Spotify, Itaú, Bradesco, Ambev, Ceratti, Diageo and many others.

Renata has a postgraduate degree in Communication Management and Digital Marketing, from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), but believes that in dealing and exchanging with people that we truly learn.

When she is not working, Renata enjoys being lazy and cuddling with her cats, her husband and her family, which is quite large. She also loves taking care of her plants and meeting friends to talk and laugh about the finer things in life.

Rodrigo Terra

Visual Strategist

Pronouns: he / him

As a Visual Strategist and Creative Lead at Purpose Brazil, Rodrigo Terra uses his digital, print and branding experience, visual narrative and strategic creative content to make a positive impact on the world.

Before joining Purpose, he has worked in advertising agencies, design studios and magazines such as MTV Brasil, EleEla and SuperInteressante. In the studio of the graphic artist Elifas Andreato, he researched and created for many publications on Brazilian popular culture, as well as covers of music albums, books and magazines.

Rodrigo is also a cartoonist, and his work has been published in Brazilian magazines and newspapers. Terraço, the publishing house he has created to launch his self-publications and books, is also a way he found to launch new authors. Through his small label, he participates in several independent editorial fairs in Brazil.

Silmara Ferreira

Project Manager

Pronouns: she / her

As Project Manager, Silmara carries a lot of experience working with different clients since 2011 in the communication field. From website development to live events, she has undertaken projects that demanded a variety of methodologies and teams, which contributed to honing her abilities in organization, project overview, and summarization. 

Before joining Purpose, she worked in advertising agencies with clients such as Santander, Facebook, Google, Outback, Unilever, Ambev and LG. Then, for  three years, she was part of the Think Olga and Think Eva team, conducting projects related to gender equality and intersectionalities. The main goal was to bring to life projects that had a positive impact on women's lives. 

Silmara has an undergraduate degree in Social Communication & Advertising from Sao Judas University, and is a post-grad in Media, Information and Culture at CELACC-USP. 

Silmara is passionate about people, culture and music. She grew up translating songs for herself as a hobby, and had the chance to work in the delivery of big concerts and festivals - which felt almost like her childhood dream came true. 

Taiane de Bittencourt

Project Manager

Pronouns: she / her

As Project Manager of Purpose Climate Lab, Taiane brings together her expertise in managing multiple projects in different sectors to support the team in co-creating and nourishing social impact initiatives.

Before joining Purpose, Taiane worked for 3 years in the third sector, developing projects and raising funds for environmental and public management areas . Previous to that, she worked with internationalization of companies, raising funds and managing projects to increase the competitiveness of small businesses. 

Taiane has worked for and partnered with organizations such as Lemann Foundation, Vetor Brasil, WRI Brasil, SEBRAE, Apex-Brasil and others.

Taiane has an undergraduate degree in International Relations from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

In her spare time, she loves singing, discovering new artists and cooking for her friends.

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