Purpose Brasil


Purpose Brasil is based in São Paulo.

We have worked with the City Of Dreams coalition, contributed to urban climate solutions policy-making, and supported Resista movement to communicate the sustainable agriculture and land protection agenda. We also work to promote clean urban mobility with Bus of Dreams and boost climate coverage made by communication groups from the outskirts of Brazilian cities with Climate & Territories.

We’d love to get in touch. Send us a note at saopaulo@purpose.com

Ana Neca

Project Manager, Purpose Climate Lab

As a Project Manager at Purpose Climate Lab, Ana Neca works with the team in Brazil building campaign strategies, taking care of the work flow, and supporting the team on delivering wonderful and impactful campaigns on the climate scenario.

Before joining Purpose, Ana worked with Brazilian non-governmental organizations since 2006, including playing several roles at Instituto Akatu on communications management to promote sustainable consumption and production and campaigning for childhood protection at Instituto Alana and ANDI – Comunicação e Direitos.

Ana holds a B.A. in Law and a post-graduation degree in Communications Management. When she’s not helping Purpose Climate Lab team reach goals, she can be found with her son, husband, and friends cooking and playing together or enjoying leisure time in parks and open spaces.

Bruna Galvão

Digital Campaigner, Purpose Climate Lab

Bruna Galvão is a digital campaigner at Purpose Climate Lab. Her work consists of building strategies and communication tools that can be better applied, distributed, and fostered in social networks with the objective of expanding campaigns and reaching new audiences with new approaches.She has a B.A. in Journalism and now studies Social and Political Sciences at FESP / SP.Before Purpose Climate Lab, she was Planning Manager at Wunderman Brasil and Coordinator of Digital Content at Sunset and AD Brazil, amongst other agencies. Some of her past clients included Intel Latin America, Motorola, Microsoft, and Nokia, which further increased her passion for technology and innovation.

Because of her interest in urban mobility, she began to volunteer with local NGOs related to the theme and participated in the Busão dos Sonhos ("Dream Buses") which gave birth to the City of Dreams, one of the first projects of the Purpose Climate Lab in Brazil. She also worked for a year as a council member of the Thematic Chamber of Bicycles, an organ linked to the São Paulo City Hall, to ensure a dialogue between civil society and municipal management.

Outside of work, Bruna acts as a feminist militant in collective and voluntary work. She admits it may sound cliché, but she is quite passionate about the arts and literature. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking with friends, giving lots of laughter to loved ones around, studying new cultures, and getting into political discussions from time to time.

Caio Coimbra

Associate Campaign Director

As Associate Campaign Director, Caio develops and implements online and offline communication strategies to generate publicity, secure press reports, and unlock broader social impact for partners and campaigns at Purpose.

Prior to joining Purpose, he acted as an advisor to a number of start-ups and social businesses who have been on the front lines in becoming some of the most iconic brands in Brazil in a variety of sectors – from consumer and retail to media and entertainment (including Globo TV, MTV, and Abril Group).

Caio has been working within the realm of communication since receiving his degree in advertising. He's determined to build impactful global businesses and brings leadership experiences in communication to mass audiences, marketing, advertising, and content strategy.

In his spare time, Caio loves to travel and take a lot of photos and videos.


Gabriela Vuolo

Campaigns Director, Purpose Climate Lab

Gabriela Vuolo is Campaigns Director, in charge of the work of Purpose Climate Lab in Brazil. Gabriela has a BA in International Relations and has been working with causes for more than 15 years.

Before joining Purpose in 2015, she held a variety of roles across Greenpeace, including positions with the climate, energy, forests, and agriculture campaigns in Brazil. During all these experiences, two central questions have always guided her work: “what can the regular person do?” and “how can we make it easier for this person to act?”

She has also worked for Fundação SOS Mata Atlantica, focusing on a rapid response campaign aimed at avoiding setbacks on the Forest Bill, and she was later the Mobilization Coordinator for Instituto Alana, creating and supporting initiatives of organizations and parents to protect children from consumerism and advertisement.

Gabriela has a long history of hands-on activism and movement building. In 2011, she co-founded the Activism School, a Brazilian initiative created to build capacity and support organizations and informal groups in their campaigns. She also co-founded the Brazilian Network on Childhood and Consumption, where she was until 2015.

As a cyclist and a mother in São Paulo, she dedicates a lot of her time to thinking about how to create welcoming, safe, and healthy urban spaces, especially for women and children. She is also very passionate about farmers markets – which is probably the best place to find her on weekends.