Purpose Labs bring new actors, new ideas, and new power together to drive transformational change on the world’s most pressing issues.

Our Labs connect philanthropies, activists, businesses, multilateral institutions,  and NGOs working together to shift public narratives, build support across entrenched divides, and help change policies when it matters the most.

Montage of people taking action against climate change

Our Labs tackle complex issues at the systems-level, identifying gaps and untested strategies and bringing cutting-edge public mobilization and communications tools and tactics to the table. Labs test and iterate in real time, and can act and respond rapidly with new messages, campaigns and partnerships. They bring new energy and capacity to the most effective actors already working in an issue space. Labs are highly collaborative, built for the long-term, and grounded in communities.

Our Labs have produced breakthrough public engagement campaigns, new messaging approaches, and unexpected coalitions—ultimately fueling major policy change, reaching vital new audiences, and producing measurable shifts in public opinion.

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