Eight Purpose Campaigns Win Anthem Social Impact Award, A New Benchmark for Impactful Work

February 16, 2022


Purpose is honored to have won across 8 categories in the inaugural Anthem Awards! Our winning campaigns span all of Purpose’s global regions and important intersectional issue areas such as racial equity, COVID & public health, equity in play & learning, and responsible technology.

These campaigns were selected as best in class examples of the work leading the way in the Impact Industry by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), a diverse group of social impact leaders and experts who are all working to improve our world.

The inaugural Anthem Awards, the Webby Awards’ newest initiative, was launched in response to the prevalence social good has taken within the national conversation and cultural zeitgeist in recent years, and is becoming the new benchmark for impactful work.

At Purpose, we pride ourselves on bringing attention and mobilization to the world’s most pressing issues, which means that at any given time, we can be working on everything from public health & climate change to education & racial equity, and doing so in every corner of the world.

The depth and reach of the issues that Purpose works on is especially evident when seeing this list of projects recognized in the Anthem Awards this year. These winning projects span all of Purpose’s regions from the United States to Europe, Rwanda, India, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, and also span different issues such as early education, health, racial equity, and climate change. While these issues are vastly different, Purpose is drawn to their intersections and the real progress we can make by driving public mobilization & participation.


See the full list of winners here, and learn more about the 8 Purpose campaigns that have been selected as best in class by the Anthem Awards:

Verified: Fighting COVID-19 Misinformation

Category: Health – Best Strategy
Medal Class: Gold

During the COVID-19 pandemic, misinformation was surging across digital channels & the lack of reliable health information were impeding the public health response & stirring unrest. To combat the growing scourge of COVID misinformation Purpose & the United Nations created Verified, a global communications initiative to spread reliable information by:

-Generating creative content from a range of perspectives

-Creating strong media collaborations

-Amplifying messages through influencers, public figures & social media platforms.

Read more about Verified in our case study.


Together for Play: LEGO Foundation

Category: Education, Art, & Culture – Campaign – Brand
Medal Class: Silver

Together for Play consists of a range of initiatives building localized tools & experiences to provide governments with a platform to promote playful learning and help organizations to embrace play as part of their programmes, unlocking play for a more diverse and larger pool of children. The LEGO Foundation partnered with Purpose, NGOs, education networks & early childhood development organizations across Brazil, Colombia, Rwanda & South Africa to build a strong and enduring movement for play.

Learn more about Together for Play here.

Verificado/ Verified Brazil

Category: Health – Best Local Awareness Program
Medal Class: Silver

Verified Brazil (a local initiative of the global Verified campaign) set out to build Brazilian solidarity & sharing life-saving information during COVID by creating a myriad of collaborations and unconventional initiatives in Brazil. Highlights included a stunt at the Christ the Redeemer, a song with renowned artists, comic strips, metro station exhibition, soccer activation, TikTok challenge, comedy videos, a graffiti mural & a vaccine intervention during Carnival.

Learn more about Verificado in our case study here.


Purpose Equity Frameworks Website

Category: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion – Research Projects/Publications
Medal Class: Silver

Purpose built a virtual workbook with three racial equity frameworks that represent our approach to working on race in the U.S. The frameworks ask users to explore how they can uncover the systemic story behind an issue, create empowering content to uplift the movement, and turn abstract ideas into concrete actions.

See the full Equity Frameworks website here.


Category: Humanitarian Action & Services – Partnership or Collaboration
Medal Class: Bronze

Amidst COVID-19, we set out to shift the attitude of Australians, providing the political cover necessary for Australian leadership to commit to foreign aid. #EndCOVIDForAll leveraged tactics that mobilised influencers, prominent Australians and members of the public to drive awareness and demonstrate support for political action. Key campaign activities included a TV ad, social amplification, a photo-petition using a custom built Instagram filter and a strong government relations strategy.

Learn more in the full #EndCovidForAll case study here.

See Now India

Category: Health – Campaign – Non-Profit
Medal Class: Silver – View in Gallery

See Now, a global movement to restore sight & end avoidable blindness, launched in partnership with charities, governments, influencers & eyecare sector partners to raise awareness & shift behaviours by better connecting people to trusted services. We used creative storytelling & innovative engagement journeys, including flyers, billboards, radio, television, cinema, WhatsApp messages, & missed call-back tactics to reach in need communities.

Check out the full See Now Case study here.

Klinik Misinformasi (Misinformation Clinic)

Category: Health – Special Projects
Medal Class: Silver

Klinik Misinformasi sought to combat the spread of misleading information surrounding COVID19, something that was widespread among the Indonesian public. We developed an engaging and shareable tool which tested the audience’s ability to spot COVID misinformation and provided a tailored ‘diagnosis’ to each user along with tools to help limit the spread of fake news through a fact checker and WhatsApp stickers.

Countering Digital Threats to Democracy

Category: Responsible Technology – Best Strategy
Medal Class: Silver

To combat political polarisation, spread of misinformation, and the breakdown of a public square, Purpose’s Digital Democracy Lab incubated Reset Australia, an advocacy organisation that strives for a society where access to technology strengthens democracy and improves livelihoods. We developed and executed a layered strategy that focuses on building awareness, convening experts, identifying media opportunities, & designing targeted campaigns that push the dial for policy interventions.

Learn more about Reset Australia here.


By amplifying the voices that spark global change, the Anthem Awards are defining a new standard for impactful work that inspires others to take action in their communities. Our team is proud to continue to evolve our work in order to meet the changing needs of the community and to address the world’s most pressing needs.

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