Breaking Barriers by Breaking Bread with Refugees

março 29, 2017


This past Valentine’s Day, people across the country moved beyond romantic love to celebrate the love of community. Purpose was proud to support and scale Refugees Welcome❤, an initiative launched by UNICEF Global on Valentine’s Day that brought folks from refugee and non-refugee backgrounds around a table to break bread and break barriers.

Refugees Welcome Dinner Purpose


Refugees Welcome❤ asked folks in towns and cities across the US to start or join a welcoming dinner for refugees in their local communities. Purpose provided a set of materials, resources and tools to help attendees plan and host dinners, and turn love into action.

Dinners were held at Global Citizen, General Assembly, Civic Hall, Purpose NY and across the country from Maryland to Texas to California, and were featured in Mashable, FusionVoice Of AmericaMoveOn, CityLab and other media outlets.

The initiative has continued beyond Valentine’s Day to partner with existing coalitions of organizations dedicated to hosting welcome dinners across the globe.

Refugees Welcome to Dinner Purpose


Learn more and get updates from #Refugees Welcome❤ by visiting their site, and by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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