The Most Dangerous Job in the World

August 28, 2014


Last month The Syria Campaign team spent a week with real-life superheroes — the volunteer firefighters, medics,  and search and rescue teams that make up the unarmed and impartial Syrian Civil Defence, or ‘White Helmets.’ When bombs rain down on neighborhoods, the White Helmets rush in to save lives knowing another bomb will drop at any moment. In the last six months, they’ve saved 2514 lives and counting.

We listened to their stories of how they dig for life in the rubble with their bare hands. We heard how, despite losing loved ones, they put on uniforms to go out and save lives day after day, driven by a bravery and humanity beyond what most people think possible.

Between the tears, the tiredness, and the awe all we could think about was how the whole world needs to know their story; we need to help. By telling this story, we are giving the whole world a new way to think about
Syria – a story of hope amidst the darkness.

Despite doing the most dangerous job in the world, they ask for nothing in return except the tools they need to save even more lives. The Syria Campaign has launched a campaign to get the Syrian Civil Defence the funding they need to keep saving lives. We’ve put together a lobbying plan to get funds released, calling on decision-makers to support the White Helmets now.

The volunteers’ motto is: “To save one life is to save all of humanity.”  At a time when so many have chosen to kill, the White Helmets have chosen to save lives. Their cause is universal. Let’s do what we can to stand with them, on the side of life, on the side of Syria.

Please visit the website to watch these heroes in action, and share their story with the world.

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