Purpose Climate Lab Brings Air Quality Awareness to an Unlikely Place

September 7, 2018


In the past few months, The Purpose Climate Lab’s 100% Uttar Pradesh project has been making air pollution in Varanasi, India a public issue. They’ve had great success with their engagement campaign at Varanasi Airport, where they’ve gotten the airport to install an air quality monitoring device and 7 LED screens displaying air quality health advisories. The installations have been successful in increasing visibility for the 100% UP campaign.

Caption: Air quality displays in the Varanasi Airport

Thousands of travelers and airport staff now have access to daily air quality levels and health advisories that will allow them to make informed decisions and precautionary measures to prevent the effects of hazardous air pollution. The installations will also motivate travelers and staff to demand solutions and take actions against rising air pollution.

For airport authorities, the team also organized a one-day workshop with Airport authorities on air pollution where they will be presenting the basic cause and effect of air pollution, and data analysis from the air quality monitor, as a means of motivating them to adopt clean air solutions like RE and EVs.

Caption: Air pollution workshop for airport authorities.

This feeds into the team’s work on pushing the authorities to increase their renewable energy capacity from 600 KW to 1800 KW and 4000 KW respectively by 2019 and 2020. An installation that would cause an increase to 1200 KW has been greenlit, with the rest to be procured in the coming months.

The 100% UP team are continuing to engage airport authorities to create lasting impact on air quality solutions in Uttar Pradesh. More to come soon!

Caption: 100% UP team meeting with Varanasi Airport authorities


Sandeep Dahiya Campaigner, 100% UP