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Purpose India is based in New Delhi.

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Gayatri Varun

Associate Project Manager

Gayatri is an Associate Project Manager for Purpose Climate Lab in India. She ensures effective management throughout the lifecycle of a project with quality deliverables, timely execution and by creating meaningful impact.

She has been working in the development sector since 2014 with a strong focus on climate change mitigation projects primarily in the East Africa region. She has previously worked with international development aid organizations such as GIZ on solar energy regulatory mechanisms and carbon market mechanisms. She worked as a Consultant at Uganda Carbon Bureau on the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism for energy efficient cook stoves in East Africa for reduced emissions and generating rural community benefits. She has also briefly worked in the social impact sector in India with a focus on gender, healthcare and education in the nation by planning and executing CSR projects.

Gayatri holds a Master of Science degree in Environment & Development from the University of Leeds, which had a focus on environmental project management and sustainable development techniques. She also has a degree in Social Sciences and Law with a specialization in corporate and contractual law. Outside of work, she is an ardent yoga enthusiast and an aspiring linguist.

Ila Bose

Project & Staffing Manager

Ila Bose is Project & Staffing Manager in India. Her work involves supporting the team on building campaign strategies, monitoring work flow, and ensuring impactful campaigns on the ground.

She has been working in the social development sector since 2012. In the past, Ila has held the position of Senior Project Coordinator at ACCESS Development Services, a national level development organization in India, running an Asia-level summit campaign on incubating innovations and sustainable models for livelihoods promotion of the poor. She has previously worked at the Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE) in India on conceptualization, implementation, and monitoring of projects in slum redevelopment and upgradation tackling issues of sanitation, water conservation, and reproductive health.

Ila has a Master's Degree in Sociology from the Delhi School of Economics and a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy Honors. She has past experience in writing research papers for development organizations on marginalized communities in urban cities. She is also a passionate animal activist and works on rehabilitating and rescuing homeless animals in urban cities.  

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Kritica Mahajan


Kritica supports multiple campaigns as a Campaigner at Purpose. At Purpose, her role involves bringing diverse groups into the climate conversation in India. She has been a part of the Climate Lab campaigns in India that address issues such as power sector reform and air pollution. As a recent entrant in the non-profit sector, she brings a fresh perspective to an experienced team, helping them to build creative and more inclusive campaigns.

She comes with an extensive experience of corporate engagement and leading diverse event management projects. Prior to Purpose, she managed the business development and client servicing team of a global integrated marketing company, Epic India Group where she worked with a diverse set of partners, stakeholders and clients.

Kritica has completed her B.Sc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration from Institute of Hotel Management, Pusa. With Purpose, she has decided to focus her skills in visual communication and people engagement on campaigns which can make social and environmental impact. When not in work-mode, Kritica can be found making not so funny puns, doodling @penning_prisms and reading about various mythologies.



Mallika Arya


Mallika is a Campaigner at Purpose. She brings together her experience from the education sector along with advocating for behaviour change through communications and Psychology. She has previously worked on self started campaigns as well as helped WWF Australia design their national campaign on single-use plastics . 

Before Joining Purpose Mallika was leading outreach for Renew Oceans in Varanasi, (UP, India), a project aimed at diverting ocean bound plastic waste from the Ganges. She worked on identifying local partners, creating the Information-education and communication modules and also played a key role in implementing these modules in the communities through which she was able to positively impact, include and educate local riverside communities. 

Mallika holds a Master of Sustainability degree from the University of Sydney, Australia where she was also awarded the Dean’s award for Citizenship and Outreach. She did her Bachelors in Psychology from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi.

Mallika loves reading, gardening, spending heaps of time with her dog Ashe, playing soccer, sipping endless cups of tea and can often be found peeping into dustbins to analyse the waste and understand how it can be reduced!

Megha Chadha

Digital Campaigner

Megha is a Digital Campaigner at Purpose. Her work consists of developing optimised creative content, building and implementing digital communication strategies with a focus on mobilising wider audiences and supporting campaign capacity of partner organizations in India. She has been involved in growing and strengthening audience engagement on social media for campaigns including Help Delhi Breathe and 100% UP. She has also been creating impactful videos for online distribution.

Megha holds a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Delhi University. Before Purpose, she has worked with some of India’s prominent news organizations. In her spare time, Megha enjoys watching travel/adventure video blogs, exploring new trends on social media, meeting new people and sketching. She believes in the power of people to inspire change and looking forward to build a more just, peaceful and sustainable world together.

Mohammad Akbar Khan

Administrative Associate

Akbar works at Purpose as an Administrative Support Associate. In this role, he has been managing all the administrative related work in the India office. Akbar also assists the project manager in India by coordinating with local vendors and providing logistical support. Having worked in both the profit and non-profit sector in India, Akbar makes use of best practices to deliver results in the most productive manner.

Before joining Purpose, Akbar worked with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as an Administrative Assistant. He has also worked with EXL Services and Competent Software Pvt Ltd as an Analyst. Akbar feels that working with different organizations has enhanced his technical skills and has helped him gain the ability to work with different databases and software.

Akbar has Graduated (B.Sc) from T. M Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur and has a Diploma in management from All India Management Association (AIMA), New Delhi.

In his spare time, Akbar loves to spend time with his young daughter and help her complete school assignments.  


Navdha Malhotra

Associate Campaign Director

As Associate Campaign Director, Navdha leads the Purpose Climate Lab in India. Her role involves strategising, overseeing and implementation of campaigns linked to air pollution, renewable energy and sustainable transport. 

With more than ten years of experience in areas of education, environment, human rights and gender, Navdha also works closely with the global leadership team to identify new opportunities for collaboration and partnerships to strengthen Purpose’s presence in India. 

Passionate about public engagement, her expertise is in bringing together diverse stakeholders for social good. She has worked across India, United Kingdom, Ethiopia, and Vietnam with organisations such as Greenpeace, HelpAge International, Breakthrough and Centre for Social Research. 

Navdha holds a Master's Degree in Critical Media and Cultural Studies from School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. She is also an aspiring ceramicist and the Co-founder of Museum of Material Memory - a digital repository of material culture from the Indian subcontinent.

Pratyush Gupta

Visual Designer

As a Visual Designer at Purpose, Pratyush combines his experience in branding, illustration, information and print design to transform complex ideas into simple and powerful narratives that resonate with the audience. 

After graduating from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Pratyush has worked with various organisations, helping to strategise and visualise their brand communication. Prior to Purpose, he worked as an information designer with the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, designing products that were important for the the U.S. mission's outreach and policy-making. 

Music is his second language, influencing the way he thinks and designs. Merging his love for design and music, he created Swarpeti, a series of interactive pop-up books, that help children understand and experience the magical realm of Indian classical music. Outside of work, you might find him trekking in the Himalayas, singing to his plants or admiring insects in his garden.

Rohan Gupta

Senior Strategist

Rohan is a Senior Strategist at Purpose, and excels in blending sharp insights and strategic communication with relatable stories, to move people and change narratives. Rohan has been leading on campaign strategy across issue areas such as electric mobility, sexual and reproductive health, developing organisational brands, and creating program strategies for NGOs and foundations.

He believes programs and campaigns are most powerful when they blend grassroots authenticity with creative ideas and a well informed vision.

Rohan comes from a background of building corporate and brand strategies for Indian and Global brands. He has conducted extensive ethnographic research in cities, small towns and villages across India, and brings a strong cultural perspective to developing campaigns on social issues. His work has focussed on a wide span of sectors from commercial transport to high fashion retail.

Rohan has a Masters degree in Literature from the University of Delhi and has always had passion for stories which informs his work at Purpose. Outside of work, Rohan is cultivating his interest in Sufi music and trying to make the perfect cup of tea.


Sanchita Mahajan

Campaign Manager

Sanchita Mahajan is a Campaign Manager at Purpose. She works on identifying and addressing challenges which can be solved through creative campaigning and public engagement. Sanchita thrives in projects where she can support communities and stakeholders to create meaningful impact. She also enjoys getting stuff done in complex and fast paced environments.

Before Purpose, Sanchita worked with Karo Sambhav - a social enterprise and fast growing Indian startup. In her most recent role, Sanchita led Karo’s Account Management team where she supported leading technology companies in navigating Extended Producer Responsibility in the Indian context. She also supported Karo’s mission to create systemic change in the waste management sector through marketing and communications activities and partnership management.

Sanchita has also previously worked with Greenpeace India to organise a volunteer community to strengthen the organisation’s campaigns, achieve mobilisation goals and leverage it during rapid response campaigning.

Sanchita has a Bachelors in Fashion Technology from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi. 

Sanchita can be often found hunting for and collecting old books, thrift store hopping and investigating people's sun signs.

Sandeep Dahiya


Sandeep Dahiya works as a Campaigner at Purpose Climate Lab. His work involves supporting the team on campaign strategy development, implementation and evaluation, capacity building of local partners and liaison with local & global teams, overseeing the allocated budget and ensuring impactful campaigns on the ground. He currently leads the 100% UP, SeeNow, Energy & Power Sector reform work in India.

He believes that a clear strategy, proper implementation and collective action can bring much needed positive change in today’s world. He is a motivated campaigner and researcher on health, social & environmental issues. Before joining Purpose Sandeep was working with (MDWS, GoI) Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation and Tata Trust for Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM)/ Clean India Mission.  With his impactful strategy, regular follow-ups, effective team management and strong management & networking with District, Block and Panchayat Officers, on 2nd October 2017 GoI announced and recognized his working district Ramanagra as an ODF (Open Defecation Free) District.

He has gained experience in policy advocacy, community interactions, research & data management on various issues related to environment and energy sector by virtue of working across a wide spectrum of projects ranging from scientific to grassroot communities development projects across Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Europe (FU, Berlin).

Sandeep has a Master's Degree in Environment and Resource Management from TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi. In his spare time Sandeep loves to travel, enjoys gardening & loves to spend time with friends and family.


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Sonali Bhasin

Senior Strategist

Sonali is a Senior Strategist at Purpose where she uses her passion for communication and a technical background in sustainability to create strategic campaigns in India. She believes that a combination of empathy and science can change the world, and uses her experience working across the policy, research and private sectors to communicate best practices for air pollution, renewable energy and better public transport for Purpose Climate Lab.

Sonali has worked in the urban sustainability space for the last 8 years, jumping into the deep end of many different subjects: creating policy recommendations for vehicular emissions in New Delhi, advising clients on biophilic design in New York, and designing certification systems for green and healthy buildings in Washington, DC. Prior to Purpose, Sonali worked at the U.S. Green Building Council to grow and establish the WELL Building Standard for indoor environmental quality. 

Sonali has a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Science. When not working out of Purpose’s New Delhi office, Sonali is drawing cartoons, singing showtunes in her kitchen, and pretending to enjoy yoga.

Soumya Ramasubramaniam

Campaign Manager

Soumya is a Campaign Manager at Purpose where she designs and executes campaigns to address some of India’s most urgent challenges. She believes that the best campaigns are those which have a clear vision and are sustained by empowering affected communities to act.

Soumya brings her expertise in digital campaigning, communication and training to Purpose projects. She previously worked for Change.org India helping ordinary Indian citizens run impactful campaigns. She has helped design and execute a training programme to create a community of women - who support each other to run campaigns on gender issues that matter to them. 

In her free time, Soumya runs Delhi’s largest board gaming hobby group, Board Gamers of Delhi, playing all kinds of games from silly social games to serious strategic ones.  

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Suma Balaram

Visual Designer & Design Researcher

As a Visual Designer & Design Researcher at Purpose, Suma combines her skills in branding, illustration and design thinking to create campaigns that make people stop and listen. She strongly believes that design is a powerful tool to bring about change and solve complex social problems.

Having studied her Masters in Strategic Design & Management at Parsons School of Design in New York, Suma is skilled in diverse methodologies that drive innovation through systems thinking, ethnographic research and rapid prototyping. Her Bachelors in Design Communication at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore, gave her a deep insight and a firm foundation in graphic design, illustration and advertising.

Suma’s passion for the ocean and wildlife has a strong influence on her work. Marine conservation, waste management and inclusive education are a few key areas she has worked on. She also has prior design experience working with financial institutions, consumer goods companies, fashion brands and not for profit organizations. 

At Purpose, she has been a part of creating campaigns that highlight crucial issues like raising awareness on avoidable blindness in Uttar Pradesh, encouraging sexual and reproductive health rights for women in Bihar, tackling the crisis-level air pollution in Delhi and promoting the use of renewable energy as a cleaner source of power in India.

When Suma is not designing, she is usually sitting in a corner somewhere drawing animals in her sketchbook. She has had the opportunity to travel extensively since childhood which has exposed her to different cultures and diverse art forms. She’s a water baby! She loves scuba diving, hiking and taking wildlife photography @thewildling_