Help Delhi Breathe

The Purpose Climate Lab addressed the widespread frustration with air pollution levels in Delhi by developing a strategy to channel that frustration and energy into effective advocacy to provoke governmental action. The Climate Lab united a diverse set of partners that amplified the call to action on air pollution. The campaign resulted in a commitment by the Health Minister to improve accessibility to air pollution data, and the passage of one of the strongest solar policies in the world. @DelhiPollutionSolution Facebook @DelhiBreathe Twitter


After 20 years, Delhi’s air pollution was worse than ever, and severely impacting people’s health — community frustration was at fever pitch. Residents’ raw energy was undirected, and people didn’t connect the health effects with the environmental policy solutions that would address the root cause.


The Purpose Climate Lab identified this moment, and developed a compelling strategy to channel people’s frustration and energy into effective advocacy to provoke action from the Government.


Purpose Climate Lab united a diverse set of partners, from clean tech companies to not for profits to community welfare groups. From there, the Lab developed an engaging campaign strategy and provided the communication and social assets needed to amplify the coalition’s call for action on air pollution.

Purpose Climate Lab provided an innovation micro grant to seed the Help Delhi Breathe coalition – that paid for the online and offline creative campaign materials to launch the coordinated response to the worsening air quality.

The Runner – Help Delhi Breathe from JAMUN on Vimeo.

Theory of Change

Work with partners to educate individuals around the effects of air pollution and potential solutions.

Mobilize these individuals to demand change through social media and missed call petitions.

Use this strong local coalition to put long-term pressure on the government to pass solar power policies, make date on air pollution more accessible, etc.

To ultimately reduce the number of deaths caused by air pollution and the effects on climate change.


Help Delhi Breathe ultimately produced a commitment by the Health Minister to improve accessibility of air pollution data and its impact, and led to the governmental passage of one of the strongest solar policies in the world.

To get there, the campaign partnered with hundreds of auto rickshaw drivers to circulate a petition and speak with customer about the implications of air pollution. The campaign mobilize tens of thousands of people through social media and a “missed call” mobile petition.

The resulting local coalition was one of unprecedented diversity that continues to drive interactive community consultation and use missed call technology to mobilize.