Movilizatorio Receives International Peacebuilding Award

October 26, 2018


Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders Awards 2018: One of the most important peace awards in the world, stays in Colombia



“We propose a world where ‘power’ means the collective capacity to be part of the change, and we are sure that technology maximizes our ability to do just that. We can only overcome structural challenges through collective work”

-Juliana Uribe, Founder and CEO – Movilizatorio

was a born in the midst of the peace negotiations with the FARC guerrilla in Colombia, as a result of the need to rebuild the social tissue and the participation infrastructure of the country, highly damaged by more than 50 years of war.Movilizatorio

Since then, this organization incubated by Purpose, has been working in promoting innovative ways of democratic participation and in creating sustainable networks for citizen-led action around issues such as anti-corruption, education, environmental protection, gender equality, human rights, and others that are key in a post-conflict society.

After two years mobilizing citizens around the causes they care for, building narratives and educating for peace, Movilizatorio today receives an award that credits and honors their innovative work combining technology, strategy, communications and innovation for social good in Colombia.

Peace Direct, is a highly renowned peacebuilding organization that gathers key allies such as the United States Institute of Peace, Away, the Alliance for Peacebuilding, Humanity United and the Pickwell Foundation, to recognize grassroots peace activists in conflict-affected countries worldwide.

Movilizatorio was awarded in the Non-violent action category among more than 300 candidates from all over the globe, due to its efforts to create new narratives and networks for peacebuilding in a highly polarized country, currently facing dangerous opposition and potential setbacks on the agreements and policies that promote peace.


This award is a much-needed endorsement to the work that peace activists and young leaders perform daily to advance on the road of a sustainable and peaceful country, and a recognition of the need to innovate, close gaps, give voice to the voiceless and reach historically abandoned regions to give a new and more comprehensive meaning to the word peace.

What is Movilizatorio?

is the citizen engagement laboratory for Colombia and Latin America, incubated by Purpose. It was born as a result of the need to mobilize Colombians to participate in innovative ways in their democracy and peace building processes.Movilizatorio

For more information about Movilizatorio and El Avispero:

Contact: Juliana Rodríguez, Press officer Movilizatorio: 305-810-5678