Having Trouble Breathing?

October 4, 2017


Even though we can’t see it, air pollution affects our lives every day. Your child, who needs an inhaler to play football. Your father, who just suffered his first heart attack. It touches us all. Dirty air is a health risk. Exposure to air pollution can prevent our children’s lungs from growing to full size and worsens existing conditions like asthma.

We can use our voices to fight for cleaner air.

Help Britain Breathe is a new initiative from the Healthy Air Campaign that is focused on raising awareness and driving action on air pollution across the United Kingdom.

Whether you’re a parent in Birmingham or a taxi driver in Glasgow, we all have a role to play in cleaning up our air, our playgrounds and our cities. Help Britain Breathe aims to gather some of the best resources about air pollution in one place, connecting individuals with local groups in their community and different ways of taking action on the issue.

As part of the work, the campaign purchased localized billboards situated beside major– and highly polluted– roads in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and Southampton.

The campaign is getting attention with some great media take-up in print, radio and TV! Most notably we’re front page news in the . Securing coverage in regional press, like the , is fundamental to spreading the message that air pollution is a local and national health issue across the country. Furthermore, the substantial coverage in Southampton provided a unique opportunity for the local council to talk about its efforts to tackle air pollution and engage the public in a deeper conversation.Southampton Daily EchoEcho

Across the UK, from Plymouth to Edinburgh and Cardiff to Norwich, people are coming together to push for action by government to put our health first. Take a moment to Help Britain Breathe— get the facts, and join the fight.

We’re just getting started.

Gabriel Davalos Senior Campaigner