Energetic Celebrations for Energy Achievements

May 5, 2019


The recent signing of Energy Bill 2017 by Kenya’s president was a big win for the climate community, and a giant step towards sustainable, affordable and clean energy for Kenyans. 

As a way to celebrate and applaud the President for assenting the Energy Bill 2017 into an Act of Parliament, the InPower team held an event this week in the heart of Nairobi. In addition to celebrating, the event created a space to raise awareness about renewable energy, it’s impact on the community, and talk about what’s next.  

About 300 cyclists came out to the event, including a lot of families. Also joining the event was the Critical Mass movement, a cycling group that creates awareness around cycling, air pollution, clean cities, and climate change in Nairobi.

The event included a celebratory concert and choir performances, exhibition booths, and a place to write thank you cards to the President. Traditional dancers performed and were a crowd favorite, along with the Redfourth chorus choir.
The InPower hashtag #ItStartsWithEnergy trended on Twitter during the day of the event!

InPower is a campaign aimed to generate urgency on the issue of unreliable energy in Kenya and to amplify the positive impact of renewable energy on the development by mobilizing the most impacted communities in order to put pressure on the Government to develop progressive energy policies and plans prioritize households and allocate resources to renewable energy projects.
You can learn more about InPower on Twitter and Facebook.

George Mwangala Associate Campaign Director
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