El Avispero Receives the Turner Award of Social Transformation

February 5, 2017

  • The prize is awarded to young people leading concrete actions of social change
  • El Avispero organizes more than 24,000 citizens through its online platform elavisperomov.org

At the XVI World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, a group of 282 initiatives were nominated to receive the Turner Award of Social Transformation. The award is aimed at supporting initiatives that decidedly contribute to create social transformation around the world. After evaluating proposals from all over the world, the Nobel Laureates recognized El Avispero as a concrete action that promotes peace and sustainable development.


El Avispero is a community organized by more than 24,000 citizens that has the goal of articulating and promoting concrete actions toward empowering citizens to lead positive transformations in their communities, to influence public decision making, to change the way that civic culture and politics work, and to have a say in the construction of the narratives that shape the country.  So far, this citizens’ network has created initiatives that touch on critical issues in Colombia, such as peace-building, anti-corruption, and women’s leadership.

“Throughout this Summit we’ve heard great leaders say that young people have to participate, that we have to show our ideas, to make our voices heard. Through El Avispero we are providing tools to make that possible; we are coming together to build our imagined country,” explained Angela Serrano, recipient of the award.


El Avispero is an initiative led by Movilizatorio, a civic engagement and participation lab for Colombia. This lab was sponsored by Purpose, Heart for Change, Corona Foundation and APC.

There were three other proposals- two international and one from Colombia-were awarded as well. The Summit’s Permanent Secretariat will award $10,000 USD to support the efforts to create a positive change on a local or global scale.



For more information: go to www.elavisperomov.org, on Twitter @elavisperomov, or email somoselavispero@elavisperomov.org

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