Racial Equity Impact Practice Empowering advocates and allies to act on their racial equity goals

An open, just, and habitable world for people of color

The Racial Equity Impact Practice at Purpose is a partnership experience for nonprofits, philanthropies, and businesses looking to boldly center equity and justice in their work.

We join our partners where equity commitments meet plans for social impact, supporting all sides of the movement with partnership to drive equitable social change. Whether it’s working with a frontline organization to ensure its stories are seen and heard, or helping an ally organization reimagine its work to overturn the status quo, the Racial Equity Impact Practice exists to help meet society’s racial equity awakenings with action and lasting change.

Our outlook builds on Purpose’s 12+ year history of campaigning for human rights, seeding narrative change that shifts perceptions and cultural norms, and applying a strong equity lens across our work. 

The “why” is always the same — to support the advancement of equity-centered social impact, closing the gaps that disproportionately disadvantage people of color around the world.

02. Our background & beliefs

The Racial Equity Impact Practice combines impact experience with an equity, diversity, and inclusivity lens.

Our skills and experience, brought to bear with Purpose’s global network of campaigners, creatives, strategists, and impact evaluation specialists, include:

Equity Diversity and Inclusivity strategy and innovation • impact-centered brand and narrative strategy • issue content ideation and production • corporate purpose strategy and messaging • community-based participatory research and participatory action programming • coalition building • community assessments • equity-centered systems analysis and design

We Believe
03. Foundational Equity Impact Offerings

We’ve had the privilege of helping partners discover their potential for equity-centered social impact for years. Our Foundational Equity Impact offerings package what we’ve learned and bring them to our partners in useful configurations.

  • Systemic Issue Storytelling

    A close revisit of your organization’s issue space through the lens of equity and justice. We uncover systemic causes, effects, barriers, and opportunities that may not have been uplifted in past manifestations of your mission, uncovering new inspiration for your storytelling and advocacy.

  • Ethical Storytelling Refresh

    An audit and update of your organization’s approach to storytelling and content creation. We help your team use an equity lens to identify opportunities to evolve how you tell stories about your work and issue space for a truly ethical approach to raising awareness and sparking action.

  • Equity-Centered Branding

     A new or refreshed organizational brand that clearly, boldly, and authentically captures your commitment to equitable impact. We layer our thoughtful purposeful branding process with a keen equity lens to create an identity that is values driven, community-building, and a natural platform for storytelling and mobilization.

  • Community Listening Experience

    A community-based audience listening + mapping process that takes a systems approach and goes beyond traditional landscape analysis efforts. Our efforts combine equity-centered qualitative and quantitative data gathering, systems-thinking tools, and relational organizing to produce a unique and actionable set of insights into a given audience, community or ecosystem. 

  • Digital Movement-Making Sprint

    A sprint designed for frontline justice organizations to help your organization refine its approach to movement-making, based on what the moment calls for. From real-time activation and community-building, to long-term learning and list growth, we workshop your real-world justice scenario and equip you to optimize your efforts online.

  • Equity Action Platform

    Our engagement-driven digital design and campaigning approach, built to first guide your audiences in learning about nuanced issue intersections and equity implications, and then drive them to support your work toward equitable outcomes.

  • Equitable Purpose Activation

    A work series fusing our rigorous brand purpose approach with frames from our equity portfolio. In compounding workstreams, we help identify where you’re starting and, from there, build or rebuild an equitable purpose strategy, connecting your vision, creation, and action for equitable outcomes.

  • Employee Equity Activation

    A deep dive with your employee committee to uplift insights about where they perceive opportunities to use the power of your organization to drive equitable outcomes on the ground where they live and work, with an emphasis on exploring opportunities for their own involvement in your company’s interventions.

Partner case study: KABOOM! Equity-Centered Branding 

Purpose partner KABOOM! shares how Equity-Centered Branding helped the organization position itself as an actor against systemic inequity in an authentic, brand-appropriate way — unlocking new credibility and resources to scale its impact as a result.

In addition to our Foundational offerings, we work with partners to design and launch bespoke projects responding to their unique opportunities and needs.

04. Movement-Generous Content 

We publish open-access guides, frameworks, and ideas as self-serve entry points to thoughtful equity action-planning.

Our 2021 piece, Exploring Racial Equity Impact, was recognized by The Indigo Awards with a Gold award in Website Design for Design for Social Change and an Anthem Award with a Silver award in Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion – Research Projects/Publications.

Explore our published digital guides below:

05. Coalition Spaces

We curate conversations and organize events to connect a range of equity actors across sectors in thought partnership and community.

Upcoming events: Stay tuned for upcoming coalition events.

06. Work with us

To work with us, please send an email to weare@purpose.com. Follow our work across Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter through the @Purpose handle and the #reipatpurpose hashtag.

  • Our global outlook

    We recognize that marginalization manifests in different ways. In many places around the world, race, anti-Blackness, and colorism form one set of tools used to cause intersectional harm, but far from the only one. In still other places, race isn’t the aspect of identity that resonates with most people at all. From caste to gender to religion to ethnicity, there are other harms used to drive wedges within global societies.

    We believe it’s important to acknowledge these distinctions, and to invest in understanding, representation, and global equity frameworks whenever global impact is a stated goal within an equity initiative.

    The core Racial Equity Impact Practice team and its closest collaborators have lived and worked in the United States, across the African and European continents, and in Australia, and work in partnership with a Global Braintrust of Purpose team members in Brazil, the UK, India, and Australia. We seek to maximize opportunities to collaborate across Purpose’s global network as this work takes us to different places and communities.

  • Purpose's equity commitment

    Purpose builds and supports movements to advance the fight for an open, just & habitable world. We believe that racial equity, both within our company and integrated into the work we do with clients and partners, is key to achieving this mission.

    We’re humbled to be committed to equity work ourselves. In 2017, our organization committed to intentionally centering equity in our team’s education, culture, and approach—starting with race, and building on years of campaigning for human rights on behalf of vulnerable communities.

    From this deep internal practice, we intentionally extended our equity commitment into our work for external movements. As a result, we’ve been able to support change-makers around the world in driving equitable outcomes across civil society, business, media, and philanthropy. 

    Our experience has been humbling and our work is never done. 

    Some of our core internal tactics include:

    • For the individual—Education & conversation. Spaces, taskforces, resources, and trainings cultivated to seed and deepen understanding & fluency around equity

    • For the organization—Culture & practice. A continual effort to devise procedures, processes, and norms that make our team experience equitable and inclusive

    • For the world—Equitable impact. The partnerships, strategy, content, and campaigns that help make the world more open, just, and habitable, including for people of color.


    Within the Racial Equity Impact Practice, select training and educational experiences include work with:

    Select research contributions, publications, and talks include:

07. Relevant Work

Our portfolio includes work whose pilots and prototypes have shaped our Racial Equity Impact Practice offerings today. For case studies and inspiration, see:


Choose Both: A Digital Guide
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