Pope for Planet Purpose Climate Lab

Amplifying a global moment to connect with a new audience

The Purpose Climate Lab used the 2015 Papal Encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ on Climate Change as an opportunity to amplify the message of moral action climate change and use the moment to engage and mobilize Catholics, Millennials and others. Our messaging and social media toolkits enabled hundreds of faith-based organizations to capitalize on this call to action, resulting in unprecedented growth for these organizations.

02. Insight & Strategy


The 2015 Papal Encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ on Climate Change, delivered by the incredibly popular Pope Francis, was an unprecedented call to action for millions of Catholics around the world.


Purpose Climate Lab identified this as an opportunity to amplify the encyclical message of moral action on climate change and use this moment to engage and mobilize Catholics, Millennials and others who are sympathetic to Pope Francis to support bold climate action.


Purpose Climate Lab conducted thorough research and polling to identify the narrative and messengers that Catholic millennials found most compelling. By developing social media toolkits, delivering trainings and creating engaging content for a millennial audience, Purpose Climate Lab framed the story and reached millions of young Catholics who otherwise may have been disengaged from a traditional Encyclical.

Purpose Climate Lab provided innovation micro grants of $148,000 to bring together global partners for a messaging and social media training delivered by the Purpose Climate Lab.

03. Theory of Change

Theory of Change

By conducting message testing and opinion polling, we identified the most effective messages and messengers to communicate with a Millennial audience.

Using the messages and messengers identified in research, we trained partners to amplify the popular Pope Francis call to action.

Stronger, targeted messaging led to list growth and greater engagement with partners from Millennial audiences.

Millennials drove a renewed commitment to meaningful action on climate change from Catholics around the world.

04. Video
05. Social
06. Impact

Pope for Planet enabled hundreds of faith based organizations to capitalize on a once in a lifetime call to action from a popular Pope. This resulted in unprecedented growth for these organizations, creating a new climate audience and embedded climate activists in a traditionally conservative audience.

Notably, #PopeForPlanet hashtag drove far more user-generated content than #laudatosi (the hashtag used by the Vatican). 32% of #PopeForPlanet posts were original. #PopeForPlanet reached more than 100 million people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Purpose coordinated over 300 global partners around shared goals and strategies. Purpose coordinated a Rome meeting of 40 Catholic leaders from India, Africa, South America, the US, Australia, Europe, and the Philippines. In addition, 5 webinar trainings were hosted using our digital media toolkit with 350+ participants representing 160 organizations.

Purpose spearheaded production of creative content in English, Spanish & Portuguese to provide needed digital assets and engagement tools for our Catholic and faith partners. #Popeisdope content that targeted Catholic Millennials prompted unprecedented engagement, and in English speaking media alone, we reached 378 million people.