Klinik Misinformasi for Purpose Climate Lab

Combating COVID-19 misinformation in Indonesia through an interactive educational tool

Indonesia’s ability to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic was being severely hampered by a lack of credible and reliable information, amongst an avalanche of misinformation. 

This misinformation was widespread and was undermining public health efforts to curb fatalities, and was fracturing social cohesion.

02. Challenge

COVID-19 brought widespread misinformation among the Indonesian public, undermining public health efforts to stop its spread. These claims were not only putting the public’s health at risk but also threatening social cohesion.

03. Approach

We launched Klinik Misinformasi (The Misinformation Clinic), a campaign that leveraged an interactive tool to educate people on how to spot misinformation and provide them with credible sources on COVID-19. One of the tools that was created was a fun and educational quiz that tested the audience’s ability to spot Covid misinformation. It was shareable, and provided a tailored ‘diagnosis’ to each user along with tools to help limit the spread of fake news, including links to our fact checker partners.

As part of the outreach for the tool, we ran a series of events, activations and webinars with partners and influencers to speak about misinformation and highlight the correct advice for managing the pandemic. These webinars targeted high risk communities, giving them important information on how to limit the spread of misinformation, how to be critical of information online, and how to look after their mental health during lockdown.

04. Theory of Change

If we engage target audiences with a tool that helps to inform them & their networks about Covid misinformation, while also providing clear, credible and reliable information and guidance, we can help to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia

05. Action

Outreach, Engage, Educate.

In this campaign, we conducted outreach to high risk groups through the collaboration across a network of local organisations who promoted social media content. We engaged them through the creation of the interactive quiz, instant messaging stickers, and branded face masks. Finally, we educated audiences through the campaign quiz, website, webinars, and informative posters.

06. Results
Delivered factual information by collaborating with 9 local organisations
People engaged with campaign content on Facebook over 2 months 168K+
Website clicks 29K+
Downloads of WhatsApp sticker pack 6K
Quiz completions 5.6K+
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