20 Days Away: Election Messaging Guide

October 14, 2020


With only 20 days left before the US election, there’s no time for anyone to sit on the sidelines. 

In the midst of a global pandemic, the challenge is out to all of us to use our power and voice to make sure everyone is informed and ready to cast their vote in whatever way is feasible for them. No matter how big or small your community, you can be part of helping every voter be counted in the last weeks and days. 


People standing in a crowd at demonstration

Download the guide here

We’ve been working with our partners at ViacomCBS on a range of initiatives to get the vote out this year, including a nonpartisan election messaging guide for the ViacomCBS community. With their support, we’ve turned our work into an open source messaging guide packed with resources, tips, and insights so everyone can share accurate, responsible and helpful information up to November 3rd and beyond.

So get sharing, use your voice, and help everyone to make their vote count.  

These are the top 4 things to say about the election (and find more in the downloadable guide here):


Download the full guide here.

Laura Quinn Senior Strategy Director