Purpose Climate Lab

Who We Are

The Purpose Climate Lab’s mission is to accelerate and build the ambition of climate solutions around the globe.

The Purpose Climate Lab brings innovation and experimentation to solving the climate crisis. We do this with a spirit of movement generosity – sharing our learning as we go.


Where We Work

How We Work

Seizing moments for change
Seizing moments for change

We identify opportunities and act swiftly when they arise. Unencumbered by traditional organizational structures, we work fast to use political or cultural moments or sudden shifts in social and political context to achieve change.

Convening across sectors
Convening across sectors

Our work is rooted in our partnerships with a wide variety of key stakeholders, ranging from local organizations, to businesses, to key influencers specific to the geographies we engage in. We work to build and strengthen other organizations and maximize our collective impact.

Leveraging culture and identity
Leveraging culture and identity

We believe that policy change requires a foundation of cultural change. Recognizing the broader context surrounding any policy decision, we work with partners to shift public sentiment and influence decision makers. We shape narratives and work with culture makers who appeal to the identity of specific audiences.

What We Do

What's New

New Power

The defining battle of our generation, new vs old power.

A groundbreaking new book by our CEO, Jeremy Heimans.

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