Purpose is proud to have partnered with the National Domestic Workers Alliance on the We Belong Together Kids Action, helping to support the campaign to keep families together.


When elected officials in Miami-Dade county turned their backs on immigrant families, local children and youth refused to back down. In April, they caravaned from Miami to Washington, DC to demand that our elected leaders stand up to Trump’s bullying and defend their families, their friends and their future.​

Throughout the journey, they met with youth rising up in communities across the Southeast. When the Caravan arrived in DC they were hundreds strong. The youth created an unbreakable circle of unity to show Trump that we will not stop fighting until our families, our friends, and our future are safe.​

Young people have an incredibly important role to play in movements post-election as powerful actors in political and civil society spaces. They can bring moral righteousness and intergenerational justice to the fore. And most importantly, they can take leadership and build power that persists well into the future, helping bend that long arc towards justice.

To learn more about We Belong Together and follow the Kid’s Caravan, check out webelongtogetherkids.org

Phil Aroneanu
Senior Campaigns Director