Evidence-Based Guide to Combating Misinformation

septembre 26, 2023


A guide to developing highly effective rapid response campaigns combating misinformation and disinformation threats, using our unique online threats response model.

Misinformation Response Model

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The Online Threats Response Model guides teams in combating misinformation and disinformation campaigns, from interpreting the threat to taking effective action. It is intended to be used collaboratively, providing teams with a common language to assess and respond to threats.

By building upon the foundation of GQR’s threat matrix, Purpose has created a comprehensive framework that integrates assessment, prioritization, and action.

This strategic approach not only enhances the ability to identify and prioritize threats but also equips teams with a clear direction for action, enabling them to move beyond reactive strategies like mere debunking.

This quick guide empowers organizations with a rapid and effective approach to countering misinformation and disinformation threats across various social issues.

This guide will acquaint you with:

Guide to tackling misinformation

  • Identifying potential misinformation and disinformation threats online.
  • Assessing the nature, reach, and impact level of misinformation threats using the response model matrix.
  • Defining your ‘Response Goal’ and guiding you towards the most suitable action to take for each unique threat.
  • Prioritizing the appropriateness of each “Response Goal” corresponding to each cell of the Threat Matrix.
  • Developing quick, targeted, and innovative campaigns that incorporate multifaceted solutions to countering misinformation, extending beyond conventional debunking efforts.


Why Download this Guide?

Misinformation is evolving and it spreads rapidly through various online platforms and social media channels, making it difficult to contain and correct in a timely manner. This guide helps teams take action faster and combat misinformation by:

Advantages of combating misinformation using Purpose's response model

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