Everytown for Gun Safety for Mayor Bloomberg and Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Ending America’s gun violence epidemic

In order to create a breakthrough on gun safety advocacy in the US, the Everytown experience had to engage millions, highlight the problem of everyday gun violence, and bring the issue closer to home. Purpose partnered with Mayor Bloomberg and Mayors Against Illegal Guns to help develop the organization’s movement strategy, interactive launch campaigns, and technology tools. Within three months of its launch in 2014, the organization added nearly 1 million supporters.

02. Identity

In an interview with Fast Company, Purpose Creative Director Hannah Kreiswirth said, “at Purpose, we approach our branding from the lens of participation – creating a name and identity that makes people feel a connection to the issue and giving them agency. For the Everytown branding, we wanted to focus on bringing together people across the country, no matter where they are from or their political affiliation. It needs to feel American –– strong and supportive.”

03. Website


04. Graphics

In 2014, Fast Company awarded Everytown and Purpose an Innovation By Design Award for its “effective amalgamation of storytelling, marketing, branding, and packaging to capture the emotional impact” of gun violence.

05. Videos

For Everytown’s launch in 2014, Purpose developed an innovative, interactive video experience featuring the first in a series of videos titled “Scenes from Everytown.” Within 48 hours, this first launch video – featured below – surpassed more than 2 million views. The New York Observer called it “possibly the most harrowing and effective interactive video ever made on a political issue. No matter where you land on the gun safety debate, this video is unforgettable.”

06. Gun Sense Voter

In addition to creating Everytown’s overarching identity, Purpose also developed the identity and website for Gun Sense Voter, one of its first flagship campaigns.

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