Democracy Lab


The Democracy Lab in Brazil works to develop strategies and campaigns that strengthen democracy.

 With the support of the Open Society Foundation (OSF), the Lab seeks to shift anti-corruption discourse and practice to a culture of participation, transparency and social control.

How We Work
Strengthening the ecosystem to mobilize for more transparency and participation

Expanding grassroots mobilization capacity and the voices most impacted by corruption

Creating dialogue with new audiences

Recent Campaigns

Caixa preta:


In partnership with the Public Information Access Forum, Purpose Brasil developed the Caixa Preta campaign, which aimed to disseminate updated information and open data on the COVID-19 pandemic. To do this, we created tweets to place pressure on the Ministry of Health and articulated with more than 40 organizations to spread the word.


Só acredito vendo:

The Só acredito vendo campaign works to raise awareness of the need for transparency in tax exemptions to push for specific legislation on the subject. In partnership with INESC, ACT, Permanent Campaign Against Pesticides and Fian, Purpose Brasil created campaigns to disseminate accessible content on tax exemption and to engage in the topic.


Narrativa Periférica:

In partnership with Alma Preta, Periferia em Movimento, Fala Roça and Palafita 147, Purpose Brasil carried out the Narrativa Periférica campaign, which aimed to produce reports on good practices to fight corruption in the Brazilian favelas. 

Oração pelo Brasil

In order to understand how to approach the theme of corruption from a faith perspective, Purpose Brasil, in partnership with Pastor Fellipe dos Anjos, held the Live Prayer for Brazil. The event was publicized by Pastor Felipe’s networks and reached over 2,000 people.


Caixa Aberta: 

To obtain accurate information about vaccination, Purpose Brasil carried out the Caixa Aberta or “Open Box” campaign which aimed to put pressure on ministers and organizations to share open data and accurate information. The campaign had a partnership with ABRAJI, Open Knowledge, Covid Observatory, Solidarity Research Network, Transparência Brasil, Transparência Internacional, and + 70 supporting organizations.

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