Purpose’s Nicolas Goudy Named “Laureate of the 50 Under 40 List” by Le Point

June 29, 2023


We are thrilled to announce that Nicolas Goudy, the head of office at Purpose France, has been recognized as a “laureate of the 50 under 40 list” by the prestigious economic magazine, Le Point.

This distinguished annual list, known as the “Palmarès Giverny x Le Point,” celebrates 50 committed leaders under the age of 40 who are driving France’s economic, political, ecological, and social transformation. Nicolas’ inclusion in this esteemed ranking underscores his dedication, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative approach to building a better future.

I’m honored and delighted to be recognized as a “laureate of the 50 under 40 list” by Palmares Giverny x Le Point, and to join a community of committed, innovative and resilient actors in collectively defending the construction of a fair and sustainable future. I look forward to continuing these actions, particularly in the fields of education, territorial development and access to culture to all, with the Purpose teams!

– Nicolas Goudy


Nicolas Goudy’s Impactful Journey

With a profound commitment to promoting positive impact in France for over twelve years, Nicolas Goudy brings a wealth of experience to his role at Purpose. From his background as a social entrepreneur with Groupe SOS to serving as the Director General of the McKinsey Foundation and a Ministerial Advisor, Nicolas has consistently worked alongside political, economic, and social actors to transform practices, engage citizens, and generate systemic change.

Nicolas’s mission is to foster collaboration among current and future leaders, forge national and international coalitions, and cultivate movements that mobilize all stakeholders to tackle significant social and environmental challenges in our society. His vision encompasses a wide range of issues, including sustainable development, diversity and inclusion, equal opportunities, LGBT+ rights, circular economy, and the environment, territorial development, new forms of agriculture, arts and culture, and more.


Ambitions for Purpose France:

Political and economic leaders become increasingly aware of their crucial role in driving systemic transformation towards a more prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive future. This rapidly evolving society necessitates the active participation of every citizen in addressing urgent global challenges. At Purpose France, we understand the importance of this collective effort. We are determined to advance social and environmental impact within economic, political, and nonprofit spheres.

Here are the three key ambitions of Purpose France under Nicolas Goudy’s leadership:

  1. Accelerating CSR Commitments and Engaged Leadership:
    Purpose France aims to bring together and support economic leaders in accelerating their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments. By fostering engaged leadership models, we encourage citizens and employees to actively participate in driving positive change.

  2. Establishing Coalitions for Social and Environmental Initiatives:
    Our team seeks to establish national, European, and international coalitions to support major foundations in implementing awareness campaigns and initiatives. These initiatives will focus on equal opportunities, diversity, biodiversity, and other critical issues to create lasting impact on a broader scale.

  3. Inspiring Citizen-Driven Movements for Systemic Change:
    Generating systemic change and nurturing citizen-driven movements are integral to Purpose. By rallying political, economic, and social actors around pressing issues, Purpose France aims to inspire people to get involved and take action. This includes implementing external awareness campaigns while addressing the measurement of real impact, a challenge that requires collective effort.

With ambitious goals to accelerate CSR commitments, establish coalitions for social and environmental initiatives, and inspire citizen-driven movements, Purpose is well-positioned to drive positive change in France.

As Purpose continues to foster collaborations and build momentum, we invite you to join us in our efforts to address critical social and environmental challenges. Partner with us. 

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