Purpose Climate Lab (PCL) Evaluation Report

novembre 15, 2023


Understanding PCL’s Impact: A Comprehensive Assessment of Our Climate Change Campaigns Around the Globe

Purpose Climate Lab (PCL) is dedicated to driving climate action through vibrant public mobilization campaigns that facilitate the deployment of essential climate solutions. Our work is centered around creating impactful narratives and fostering a culture of inclusivity, aiming to bring diverse perspectives together for meaningful climate action across the globe.

Our approach to climate campaigning is characterized by its adaptability and responsiveness, enabling it to act swiftly on issues that can drive significant change. By harnessing the power of data and innovative storytelling, PCL employs both established and innovative methods to inspire public action, foster conducive political environments, and share insights within the sector.

Evaluating 4 Years of Climate Work Supported by IKEA Foundation

Since 2014, the IKEA Foundation has been a key supporter of PCL’s efforts, particularly focusing on Europe, India, Indonesia, and Brazil during the current grant period (2019–2023). In late 2022, the IKEA Foundation commissioned the Dala Institute to conduct an independent evaluation of its grant to PCL. The evaluation, conducted from late 2022 to June 2023, concentrated on assessing the relevance, effectiveness, and sustainability of Purpose’s climate change campaigns. This assessment was based on the four Global Logic Model (GLM)-derived objectives: narrative change, capacity building, diversity and inclusion, and action and policy.

Purpose Climate Lab Evaluation Report Cover

In the comprehensive report, several key insights were revealed, shedding light on the relevance, effectiveness, and sustainability of PCL’s projects. The evaluation report presents vital recommendations aimed at enhancing the impact of our climate work. These recommendations serve as a guiding framework for future endeavors, emphasizing the importance of building enduring relationships and leveraging global networks to scale up climate programming.

Explore the detailed findings and recommendations in the Purpose Climate Lab (PCL) Evaluation Report and discover how you can be a part of our mission to drive meaningful climate action worldwide.

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