Make Your Plan to Save America

July 24, 2018


From the team that brought you Hope, Purpose is proud to announce the launch of Crush the Midterms, a mobile-optimized, web based digital tool that empowers politically energized Americans to make individualized plans to win November’s midterm elections. The Hope team at Purpose created this tool to help move the energy and passion around the midterms into tangible political action.


Crush the Midterms takes the guesswork out of political planning, and provides time-strapped voters with a succinct and custom-tailored step-by-step plan of action. It is the first online platform that puts the power in the hands of voters to create and execute their own campaign plans for the 2018 elections. 

It provides users with concrete actions on how to spend their time, money, and other resources to support the most impactful campaigns and organizations. It create a sense of accountability for people, and increase the likelihood that individuals will follow through on their commitments.


Many Americans are outraged by the Trump Administration’s abuses of power and threats to our democracy — including what some are calling an act of treason with respect to Russian meddling in US elections — and are looking for ways to get involved in changing the power structure in Washington. Crush the Midterms helps voters channel their outrage with administration policies into a plan that can help the Democrats win back control of Congress and statehouses across the nation on Election Day — November 6th.

How Crush The Midterms Works

  • Each user inputs data directly into the online platform via a series of questions — including their location, availability, preferred causes, desired level of commitment, and special skills. Crush the Midterms then utilizes this data using a specialized algorithm, to create a step-by-step actionable and personalized plan from now until Election Day.
  • Crush the Midterms creates a unique, personalized plan of action for each of its users from the day the plan is created through Election Day, using the data collected by the user.
  • It syncs directly with users’ calendars, ensuring that planned actions fit into their daily lives, and assisting them in keeping themselves accountable for the actions they plan and the goals they set. The tool integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and other native calendar apps on mobile devices.

The Crush the Midterms Election Plan Includes:




WHO IS ON THE NOVEMBER BALLOT: Highlights the races identified by public research organizations as being particularly competitive. For this, Crush the Midterms relies on open data such as Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball.





HOW and WITH WHOM THEY SHOULD VOLUNTEER: Illustratively, if a user likes to text and only has an hour a week, they will be told about how to participate in peer-to-peer texting for a particularly competitive race. Crush the Midterms recommends that you volunteer within 50 miles of where you live. If there are no competitive races, it recommends you volunteer with a national organization like SwingLeft.





WHO TO GIVE MONEY TO: This includes local competitive political campaigns or local state party’s federal election committee.





HOW TO ENGAGE YOUR NETWORK: Shows what competitive races there are in areas where users have friends and family, and links to engage with them directly via Facebook Messenger.

Make your own tailored Crush the Midterms plan and share it with friends who also want to save America here:

Crush the Midterms is brought to you by Hope & Purpose.