Thoughts on… Connecting Our Causes with Purpose Equity Team

June 26, 2020


We’re thinking about…

Connecting our Causes. The idea that “nobody’s free until everybody’s free” is a long-standing civil rights mantra. The current global outcry for black lives has brought this language back onto protest signs and into public consciousness. And it’s true — if you peel back one layer of oppression, you are bound to find others in a web of cause, effect, and collateral damage.

For some, oppressions intersect within the individual existence as well as the collective one. This makes it even plainer to see that we cannot pit injustices against each other; we have to embrace the thought that progress in one movement can create inroads for others. 

In that spirit, we encourage you to reflect in this moment — what links you to the global fight for black lives? Maybe it’s women’s rightsclimate activism, or public education. Maybe it’s the divided struggle of queer people, or else the community’s activism. Maybe the gun safety movement feels distant, but internalized colorism resonates. You may not know blackness from experience, but can learn about whiteness in the context of power and oppression.

Whatever your cause, stay engaged. It will be good for all of us.
Catherine Addo 

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All Oppression is Connected. This poem, powerfully spoken by the poet Staceyann Chin, confronts queer spaces that don’t acknowledge race, progressive spaces that nurture conservative blind spots, and the violence, classicism, exploitation, and hypocrisy woven throughout. Chin’s expressive delivery captures the anguish of existing through it all.
-Contributed by Mohini Narasimhan


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Fighting Racism, Queerphobia, & Transmisogyny. Purpose team members curated a brief list of organizations that support Black and Brown LGBTQIA+ communities, locally and globally. The work and resources highlighted in the list are a good place start when learning to deepen intersectional solidarity.

We’re inspired by…

Share the Mic Now. This month, high-profile, non-black women Instagrammers created space for black women’s voices by offering access to their sizable followings through account takeovers. Led by a multiracial, interdisciplinary team, this tactic “center[ed] black women’s lives, stories, and calls to action” in order to “truly hear each other’s voices.⁣”⁣
-Contributed by Genesis Henriquez


#c0ffe3. As the story goes, “a couple of Creatives were tired of the ‘we can’t find diverse talent’ excuse.” So they created c0ffe3, “a fake company to help People of Color land real jobs.” POC can add c0ffe3 as an employer to their LinkedIn profiles to appear in LinkedIn and Google searches made by recruiters.
-Contributed by Becca Antonucci


We’re living our values…

“What can you do?” I’ve been talking to friends about what they can do in their own workplace. I’ve offered to proofread emails to their companies, I’ve sent them frameworks to break down the systemic issues in their field.  I helped my friend write a letter to her HR about an equity review. If my friends say, ‘I don’t have any racist friends’, then my follow up is, ‘what can you do in your workplace?’ Emma Pulido 

“I channeled that anxiety and fear.” As a brown Latinx person, I felt stuck and didn’t know how to respond. My body was experiencing anxiety and I felt like I shut down. I channeled that anxiety and fear: If I were to talk to police right now, what would I want to say? It would be, ‘Stop killing black people.’ I sketched that as a T-shirt, and found I could raise money with it for Black Visions Collective. Alex Malave


Relevant Resources

More than ever, our team is abuzz with resources for deepening your racial equity understanding and activism. Explore some resources uplifted by Purpose’s Equity Team below:

Supporting Black LGBTQ Youth Mental Health
Black Support Resource List + Raising Anti-Racist Kids Resource List
Fantasy World Master List of Resources on How to Dismantle Systemic Racism
Seeing White Podcast
Mixed Company Podcast


Quote for Thought

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” — Lilla Watson

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