The Rules Have Changed: Introducing New Power

March 18, 2018


How did Trump come out of nowhere to win the election? How did #MeToo catch fire, and break long-standing pacts of secrecy and coercion? How did a UK teenager become a top ISIS recruiter? How did Airbnb, a company with no real estate holdings to its name, become more valuable than Hilton?

They all knew how to channel new power.

In my forthcoming book with co-author Henry Timms, New Power: How Power Works in Our Hyperconnected World–and How to Make It Work for You, we explore and explain what new power is, how it works, and how you can use it to change your company, your country, and your world.

The book has two big aims.  First, it is an action book. It unpacks the most essential skills to effectively navigate a “new power” world – where power is now flowing very differently and new forms of mass participation and mobilization are possible. We cover how to spread ideas, build movements, manage new power communities, lead without formal authority, develop new business models, and navigate the world of work.

Second, it is a book with a mission. As we explain, some players, from extractive online platforms, to terrorist networks, to political demagogues like Donald Trump are co-opting these new means of participation. But their dominance is not inevitable. As these “co-opters” gain traction, we want to get the tools of new power into the hands of the angels: health workers, climate scientists, educators, social justice activists and all those working to build a more open, equitable and participatory world. We end the book by laying out a vision for a new power society where many more people would become much more powerful.

Our biggest hope is that, at a time when so many of our core values seriously threatened, this book helps provide those fighting to defend and promote those values with the tools they need to win.

I hope you’ll , and share examples of how you’ve seen, experienced, and used new power in your own life. pre-order the book today

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Jeremy Heimans Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer