Mathew McDermid

Head of Strategy

Mat comes to Purpose with a unique mix of strategy expertise: from war-zone conflicts, to climate change regulatory frameworks, to corporate sustainability strategy, he now joins the world of movements and social change.
Hailing from GreenOrder, a pioneering sustainability strategy firm, Mat helped a major utility work through the predicament of an industry being disrupted, and advised a major apparel and footwear brand on carbon and climate leadership.  
His career began with the Australian Foreign Service focused on intelligence and security: working daily with local officials on his posting to Baghdad, Iraq, then on the Afghanistan desk, it was a quintessentially formative experience.  At Booz & Company’s public sector practice, it was a Department of Climate Change project that nudged his career trajectory towards the environment and our place within it.  It also nudged him across an ocean and a continent to pursue his Masters in environment and energy policy – but really, the bigger draw was his then-girlfriend, now wife (they met trekking in Nepal, of all places).
Educated at New York University and The University of Queensland, Mat is an amateur woodworker, photographer, and architecture enthusiast; loves a good rock climbing problem; and always enjoys the cultural exchange of Aussie-isms and Ken Burns documentaries.