Lindsay Noyes

Associate Director of Project Management

Lindsay is Associate Director of Project Management and joins Purpose after a notable career in advertising and entertainment. Having worked on the most viral commercial yet, Turkish Airlines’ Kobe vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout, producing websites for Academy Award-winning films and best-selling video games, and managing intensive pitch work, she knows how to run projects successfully and keep teams energized. She leads from her heart and feels strongly that there’s no such thing as a good meeting without laughter.


Lindsay has dual bachelor’s degrees in advertising communications and behavioral psychology from the University of New Mexico and attended the San Francisco Academy of Art master’s program. In her role at Purpose, she proactively communicates with clients and internal teams, maintains budgets, creates work plans, produces digital experiences, interfaces with vendors, and finds solutions to tough problems. For her, team satisfaction and project success are always top of mind.

Outside of Purpose, Lindsay advocates for women’s health by supporting and fundraising for reproductive rights groups. In addition to reproductive freedom, she also loves talking about crime dramas, margaritas, and her lovable cat, Jack.