Joao Talocchi

Head of Campaigns

João is a Brazilian native who has settled in New York 5 years ago, after moving continents 3 times. He is currently Head of Campaigns at Purpose.

Since 2015, João has led the launch and implementation of Purpose Climate Lab’s work in Brazil and India, while also overseeing a number of its global projects. In this time, João has supported the development and implementation of a number of campaigns, including City of Dreams, 100% Bihar, 100% UP, Help Delhi Breathe, FaithsforEarth, and 1.5ºC in the Rio Olympics, amongst others. These campaigns have engaged millions of people – from faith leaders like Desmond Tutu to Olympic athletes, users of public transport in São Paulo and rickshaw drivers in Varanasi. Combined, they’ve generated policy, market, and behavior changes in favor of tangible solutions to climate change and air pollution.

João brings 10 years of climate change expertise to Purpose. He combines expertise in technical issues related to climate change and its solutions, with deep strategic vision, creativity, cultural acumen, and experience in campaigning, policy-writing and the coordination of large, multi-stakeholder processes. In 2017, João had the honor of testifying to the United States Senate on the role of decentralized renewable energy for energy access. 

Before Purpose, João held a variety of roles across Greenpeace in Brazil, the Netherlands, and the US. Along the way, he directed the Amazonas State Government Climate Center, where he was responsible for a number of initiatives, from coordinating the development of the state’s Environmental Services policy and participation at Rio+20 to organizing and participating in airborne law enforcement activities. One of João’s first jobs as a dive instructor led him to a dream job as an underwater and extreme sports videographer – something he looks forward to going back to when climate change is under control.