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Cameron Mussar

Senior Digital Campaigner

Pronouns: he / them

As a Senior Digital Campaigner, Cameron brings his experience of engaging with communities online and offline to issues where equity, love, and justice are a top priority. Utilizing the power of authentic stories, targeted and direct demands, as well as the tactics to amplify those messages across networks, online and in-person, Cameron advances key organizing principles in his work in order to make real change that leaves a lasting impact. 

Prior to Purpose, Cameron spent time organizing in the education space, building a movement of young people passionate about improving the quality of education through coordinated online and offline tactics and worked to develop the next generation of civically engaged leaders. Cameron has also spent time supporting organizations in the for-profit and non-profit sector to leverage digital tools that allow mission-driven organizations to find, engage, and activate their communities. 

Cameron holds a BA in Psychology with a Minor in Marketing from the University of Arkansas and an MA in Higher Education Administration from New York University. 

When he’s not helping build movements and engage communities, he centers love and curiosity at the core of his experience. He loves time spent outside in the warmth and sunshine either with himself and a good book or in the company of his tribe.