Aaron Parr


Aaron Parr is a Campaigner at Purpose Europe in London. He is an expert in social media strategy and digital optimisation, specialising in video content for online distribution. Aaron joined Purpose in 2016, bringing to the team knowledge of young people’s issues and passion for environmental and social justice campaigning.

In his time at Purpose, Aaron has ensured that campaigns worked on impacting the largest amount of people possible. He has been involved in the deployment of a range of social media platforms including See Now, the campaign to end avoidable blindness, and Help Britain Breathe, a campaign in partnering with environmental charities to combat air pollution in the UK. He has also produced and developed a range of social media optimised video content, with videos reaching and engaging millions of social media users online across the world.

Aaron carries a BA Honours degree in English Literature and Film Studies from Queen Mary, University of London. At the same establishment, he also holds an MA in Documentary Film Practice.

Before coming to Purpose, Aaron ran a viral meme page called mEUw, which produced cat memes to inspire Brits to vote remain the 2016 EU referendum. This evolved into a drag character that saw him impersonate the UK Prime Minister, an act called ‘Theresa Gay’. In his spare time, Aaron volunteers with the Green Party of England and Wales, having previously sat on the executive committee of the Young Greens as well as the London Young Greens. He is a passionate advocate of animal liberation and vegan, always looking for the latest vegan food pop-up – like every foodie should!