Young people are hungry for change all around the world. From issues as big and ambitious as gun violence, environmental rights, income inequality, and refugees, young people are raising their voices in support of a better future.

To capture some of this momentum on film, we gathered an inspiring group of 7 young people to share a meal and talk about a huge issues of today – the refugee crisis. We filmed what happened as they gathered around a table in Brooklyn and had an unscripted conversation about the world they want to live in.

We are currently in the midst of largest refugee crisis since World War II.  In the conversation captured between these young people from Generation Z, it became clear that this generation is the most innovative yet and has a new vision for the world.

As a very timely discussion of the refugee crisis, the video was written up in an editorial piece by Yahoo News, diving deeper into Gen Z’s role in solving the refugee crisis, as well as the ideas of representation, connection, and impact.



The video was shared on UNICEF’s global channel, as well as their Voices of Youth channel. The video reached 3/4 of a million people, with over 55K views and 170K engagements.


7 strangers. 7 stories. 1 table.

Break bread. Break barriers. This is what happened when 7 young people sat down and had an honest discussion about the state of the world. Will you join the table?

Posted by UNICEF on Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Gissou Nia, Strategy Director at Purpose, explains the intention behind the video:

“If we brought folks — even folks who think very differently from one another — around a table, they could relax, eat something and bond over that. The awkwardness of meeting a stranger gets stripped away.

The ultimate hope was to convene a group of change makers who would start to build solutions by them, for them because more than half of the world’s refugees are children.”

You can join the conversation with the hashtag #joinourtable on social media, and see more from Refugees Welcome here.

You can follow video participants on social media here: 

Abdulla Asem, Ahmed Badr, Fadumo Osman, Gia Grier, Julie Ae Kim, Latchmi Gopal, Soraya Morales Nunez