Racial Justice Movement Storytelling Toolkit: Stories to Uplift & Messengers to Mobilize

December 2, 2020


This Summer, we had the privilege to connect with leaders and advocates in racial justice campaigning, community-building, and media storytelling with the goal of building alignment, capacity, and assets for racial justice movement storytelling. Out of this coalition, we co-created a Racial Justice Storytelling toolkit sharing a mix of insights, approaches, and ready-to-share messaging and content for anyone looking to share or shape racial justice narratives. The insights and priorities included in this toolkit reflect our conversations as one lens of many in this fight.


After a thought-provoking discussion about the landscape of popular racial justice themes and threads — and an open questionnaire to invite in more lenses — our coalition pointed to Defunding the Police, Intersectionality, and Longevity as the racial justice narratives that need to break through in public consciousness in the near future. This mix of priorities speaks volumes about what matters in this moment — eliminate one of the biggest, most persistent physical threats to black community safety now, but take care to expand the vision for the movement to include more perspectives and heart to sustain itself moving forward.

Storytelling, from personal testimony to top-down narrative shaping through media, remains a key component of movement methodology and campaign strategy, and our hope is that anyone working to shift cultural attitudes when it comes to race in America will consider unpacking these themes and folding them into their work.

We hope this resource will be helpful to frontline organizations, educators, creators, funders, and others working in the racial justice movement through culture-shifting storytelling, and welcome our community to share this resource with anyone in the racial justice space that may benefit from these insights and tools.


All social media assets can be downloaded here.

Read the full Racial Justice Storytelling Toolkit here. 

If you’d like to partner on this work or other social impact initiatives, please do get in touch. 

Catherine Addo Founder, Racial Equity Impact Practice & Senior Strategy Director
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