Purpose’s Kim Caicedo Releases The Little Book of Disorders

June 26, 2015


Purpose Senior Designer Kim Caicedo, with the help of editor and friend Shannon Jordy, recently launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for The Little Book of Disorders, an 80-page softcover book on mental health. Written as a simple guidebook for anyone interested in learning about Mental Health, The Little Book of Disorders highlights eight of the most common mental disorders. It offers support and advice for parents, children, friends and family of individuals struggling with mental health. Full of original illustrations and typography, each section of the book is paired with pop culture references like Lord of The Rings and Batman to make this topic fun and easy to understand for all audiences.

Growing up in a strong hispanic community, Kim felt that mental health was something that people simply  did not talk about. Kim is certainly not alone in this experience and many people today, in communities everywhere, face this same scarcity of resources. This is dangerous because it perpetuates the discrimination and social stigmas attached to mental health and can make it hard for people with mental conditions to seek help and recover. This book hopes to fill that gap. Kim shared some insight into the story behind the project:  “I used my personal experiences to create a book that makes disorders easy to understand. With the help of a few professionals, it offers a way to talk about them with loved ones. My hope is to give people the language to talk about these issues to spark conversations that might not have happened otherwise.”

Through the funds raised on Kickstarter, 100 books will be printed and donated to schools and other public institutions. Additionally, an event  featuring artists and creatives will be held to raise awareness around mental health and the stigma surrounding it.

The book has already received positive press from Refinery 29, the Nerdist podcast, Fandabby, Designclever, Depressed While Black, Trendhunter, and Parliamo Digitale.

For more on the project, visit littledisorders.com and see below for a sneak peek!