Purpose Hosts Peacebuilding Event in Colombia

March 23, 2016


Purpose co-hosted with Compartamos con Colombia its first ever event in Colombia last week, with 40 people attending, including city and national government leaders, activists, artists, and leaders across the social innovation, finance, and NGO sectors. Together they brainstormed new ways to engage Colombia’s 99 percent – the ones currently left out of the peace process conversations – around tackling inequality and building peace for the country after half a century of civil conflict.

The aim was to identify new participation initiatives that are at the intersection of peacebuilding, open democracy, reaching the hardest to reach, and technology.

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During the week the Purpose team had an intensive round of more than 30 face to face meetings with funders, key champions, and local partners to explore the potential of a peacebuilding citizen engagement project for Colombia. Notable meetings included those with the Colombian President’s communications office, the High Commissioner for Peace team, UNDP, and several private foundations including the Ford Foundation, Fundación Corona, and Fundación Bolivar Davivienda.

Here are some highlights from the event and the presentation materials: 


Juliana Uribe Villegas Founder and Executive Director of Movilizatorio, Purpose Peace Lab