Purpose and Here Now Head to Austin for SXSW Eco

October 1, 2015


Purpose and Here Now are excited to be attending SXSW Eco in Austin next week. The conference, now in its fifth year, creates a space for business leaders, investors, innovators, and designers to advance solutions that drive economic, environmental, and social change.

We will be co-presenting a session called Climate Action Now Meme’ified!  This interactive workshop, which has been featured on the SXSW Eco Session Spotlight, will explore a new model for ownerless campaigning that helped produce one of the biggest spikes in the climate conversation in 2015.  Attendees will engage in discussions and develop ideas for their own campaigns on how compelling creative content can serve as a pathway for engaging new audiences, particularly around otherwise difficult to access issues.

If you’re attending the conference, please join our session and say hi to the Purpose and Here Now teams. Also, feel free to give us a shout before you get to Austin:

Sarah Stern, Senior Strategist, Here Now: @SternSaidIris Andrews, Senior Strategist, Here Now: iris.andrews@purpose.comHannah Kreiswirth, Senior Director, Head of Creative, Purpose: @HannahteakJessica Lauretti, Content Development Director, Purpose: jessica.lauretti@purpose.com


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