Why a Bright Blue Electric Vehicle is Going on an Epic Roadtrip

September 12, 2018



September 14th- 26th 2018: Two Climate Summits, 13 states, Dozens of stories, 4000 miles, One Electric Vehicle.


The New American Road Trip will cross America, celebrating the unsung climate heroes of America. They are the people who are working day in and day out to build and implement the solutions to climate change in their communities. The Road Trip team will carry the Global Call to Action from the Governor Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco across America, collecting support and inspiring stories from the people of America, and deliver it to the One Planet Summit, hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron in New York.



This symbolic task and the journey The New American Road Trip travels will send a signal to the world that the businesses, the leaders and the people of America are ‘still in’ when it comes to driving the solutions to climate change.

Along the way we are highlighting the stories of hope:

  • how clean energy and the buses, subways, cards, trucks, and trains it powers are creating good jobs all across America – not in the future but right now
  • how emerging technologies created in America are pushing what people think is possible and helping solve climate change
  • how women are leading a transition to clean energy and transport in towns, cities, organization, and businesses across America

The New American Road Trip wants to tell these stories using a light hearted creative framework that steers away from polarizing narratives. At each city the road trip goes to it will create uplifting comedic pieces of content that bring these stories to the American people.

Purpose, the organization coordinating this exciting and important project, would love to have your involvement and support. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

The New American Road Trip is made possible by the contributions of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Hewlett foundation, JPB Foundation and Ikea Foundation.

Learn more and stay updated at: newamericanroadtrip.com

And follow the journey on Twitter: twitter.com/newamericanrt