Millions showed they #WalkTheWalk for Action on Climate Change

September 29, 2014


With over 400,000 attendees in New York and thousands of online supporters, the People’s Climate March last week was a huge success for the movement and, really, for all of us who care about climate change.

But we have to remember that this victory didn’t happen on its own. It took hundreds of organizations, thousands of volunteers, and literally millions of people spreading the word online to mobilize the public for climate change action.

As part of this mobilization, Purpose launched #WalkTheWalk, the first pilot project of its new global climate initiative, Here Now.

#WalkTheWalk is an ownerless, open-source social media campaign that provided a highly visual, easy, and personal way for people around the world who couldn’t be at the march, or who wanted to take dynamic action online, to attend in spirit and send a message to world leaders that they care about climate change. 

Eighty-five million people were reached by the campaign, through online videos, tweets, and other social posts. Everyone from Russell Brand to Desmond Tutu joined in to spread the word and walk alongside the thousands of marchers offline and online. President Barack Obama, Mark Ruffalo, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres were among the many, many others who showed their support. IKEA also called on their global staff to #WalkTheWalk, and demonstrated public solidarity by changing their website banner leading up to the march.

To get a sense of this exciting project, take a look at the wrap-up video. Check out to see the hundreds of user generated videos of people showing how they #WalkTheWalk on climate change. 

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