“New Power” Launches as Big Idea in HBR, Hits Homepage of TED.com

November 23, 2014


We all sense that power is shifting in the world.


Purpose co-founder & CEO Jeremy Heimans has worked with Henry Timms, founder of #GivingTuesday and executive director of 92Y, to develop a framework termed “new power” to explain these rapidly evolving power dynamics and the rise of new, participatory or peer-driven models across sectors. These models and related values, they argue, can harness and coordinate the power of millions or even billions of people – but many of the new power pioneers leading the charge are currently falling short of delivering on the democratizing potential of these emerging participatory models.


The long-form version of the thinking has been billed as the “Big Idea” in the December edition of the Harvard Business Review. The article attempts to lay out for a mainstream audience for the first time the specific participatory mechanics that are driving the rise of these new models across the sectors (from electoral politics to Airbnb) and the new set of values associated with new power. In doing so, it aims both to help emerging organizations think more deeply about how they are using their new influence and to offer a guide for established institutions who must adapt and respond to very new circumstances they don’t yet fully understand. 


You can read the full HBR article here: https://hbr.org/2014/12/understanding-new-power

The New Power Compass
The New Power Compass
Heimans also previewed the new power framework in a TED talk, which was recently featured on the homepage of TED.com and has over 700,000 views. 
The crowd is challenging traditional leadership. Here’s how to harness its energy.

You can view the TED talk in full here or below:



Finally, as responses to and applications of the new power framework appear, we’ll be working to capture them all in one place. You can follow along here: http://thisisnewpower.com


We hope you’ll join us in amplifying this framework by reading, responding, and sharing this widely.



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