Earth: Planet Syria is Calling

April 15, 2015


Non-violent activists from all across Syria have just launched a new campaign, Planet Syria, asking groups and individuals across the world to join them in ending the violence in Syria by stopping barrel bombs and opening up real peace talks that include all parties.

As we enter the fifth year of fighting in Syria, the situation is beyond nightmarish. More than 220,000 people have been killed, 10 million people – half the country – have been forced from their homes, hundreds of thousands of political prisoners have been detained, and 640,000 are living under brutal sieges without regular access to food, water or medicines.

Planet Syria is led by over 85 non-violent activist organizations that represent more than 17,000 Syrians. The campaign is supported by international groups including The Syria Campaign, the International Trade Union Confederation, PAX, and Avaaz.

Oula Ramada, a Syrian activist and organizer of the campaign said “We have called the campaign Planet Syria because we sometimes feel as if we are from a different planet. Our demands for freedom and democracy are treated by many as if they are completely alien and unrecognizable.”

The frustration in global inaction continues to build as barrel bombs fall everyday, in spite of a UN resolution passed over a year ago banning their use. Since then, more than 2000 children have been killed by barrel bombs and in March, chlorine gas was dropped on civilians in Idlib.

The continued flagrant human rights violations on Syrians are why these activists are calling on their progressive counterparts from all across the world to answer and carry their message forward.  Salma Kahale, another campaign organizer, said, “We are deeply frustrated by the lack of support from our friends around the world. It’s not complicated … We want exactly the same as anyone, anywhere: freedom and dignity.”

What is happening in Syria is a world war and achieving true global solidarity will be vital to ending the violence. Planet Syria asked the world to join them on April 7th by sending creative messages of all kinds stating that they heard Planet Syria loud and clear and are ready for a peaceful, unified Syria. Hundreds of people from dozens of countries responded, see their heartwarming messages here.

If you want to get involved, please sign up to the campaign here and share it with your friends.