In Coal-Dependant Poland, Mayors Commit to Tackling Climate Change

dezembro 12, 2018


Earlier this week, the Purpose Climate Lab (PCL) launched the Polish Mayors Climate Solidarity Network in collaboration with UK100. This launch was one outcome of a multi-faceted program that PCL has undertaken in Poland ahead of COP24.

The Network of Mayors have publicly committed to tackling climate change, eliminating energy poverty and achieving 100% renewable energy for government owned buildings by 2050. In a country like Poland that is so coal-dependent, with a government split on views towards climate change, this marks an incredible piece of progress.

The founder and former leader of the solidarity movement, President Lech Walesa, as well as former President Aleksander Kwaśniewski, have endorsed the network. Their endorsements are critical to the bi-partisan and local nature of the initiative, and will serve as an antidote to the national inaction seen in Poland and so many other places.

Working with two of the leading press experts in Poland, the launch was a huge media success and was covered across Poland on public radio and television, and as far and wide as ABC news in Australia. Poland’s largest daily paper covered the launch as well as Business Alert and many others.,

Next, the team will be working with partners at the Democratic Thinking institute to continue the recruitment of mayors and to develop a strategy with UK100 on how to implement the Network’s programs and follow up with potential donors.

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