The Purpose Climate Lab is set up as a movement generous hub of strategists, campaigners and creatives with the mission to amplify and accelerate global climate change solutions.

We are constantly scanning the landscape, figuring out what is most needed, and then jumping in to fill in gaps. We strive to be generous with our ideas, our time, and our resources and  to support the brilliant leadership of others. We do not hog the limelight, but we use our skills in partnership with others to design and implement creative, participatory campaigns that deliver our common goals.







Our Approach

We build and support collaborations amongst diverse actors – ranging from NGOs to corporations, governments, cultural figures and institutions – in pursuit of just climate solutions.

We identify opportunities, broker relationships and proactively manage collaborations,  guiding and delivering creative campaign strategies, both online and offline, to maximise impact and the adoption of climate solutions.

The Purpose Climate Lab’s approach to collaboration and convening is rooted in the belief that when we come together at the intersection of sectors and communities, we are able to leverage the power, insights, and collective drive required to more effectively shift public sentiment, policy, markets and mass behavior for change. We build relationships and brands that are intentionally public facing, with the goal of shifting the public conversation and narrative.

We fervently believe that an intersectional approach is key. We understand that structures of oppression are interconnected and the most successful solutions work to combat inequality in a multi-pronged way. By convening diverse partners we are able to work across issue areas and interests toward activating new audiences and widening the tent of people calling for climate solutions. We are currently millions but we need to be billions.


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 Why solutions?

We believe climate solutions are also the solutions to many of the world’s problems. Traffic jams, economic stagnation, lack of energy access, biodiversity loss, growing energy bills, air, water and soil pollution, even political corruption are some of the areas that would benefit from a transition to a low carbon economy.

We know that just and equitable solutions to climate change seek to holistically transform society in such a way that actively combats inequality while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions. That is why we intentionally work on projects that alleviate those inequalities.screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-4-03-33-pmscreen-shot-2017-01-05-at-4-02-52-pm 


Our organizing principles are being movement generous, working towards diversity because it makes us stronger, and embracing the joy of creativity while doing what we love. We welcome opportunities to work together with likeminded stakeholders to encourage the world towards just climate solutions, hope and impact. Contact us at

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