Workshift Shifting how Americans think about job quality

Shifting how Americans think about job quality

In the weeks leading up to Labor Day 2015, Purpose + The Rockefeller Foundation created a campaign with compelling entry-points to engage everyday Americans and partners to start and grow a national conversation around what #GoodJobsForAll could look like in the US today.

02. Insight & Strategy


Too many lives in the US today are shaped by jobs that fail to meet the basic needs of most Americans. As the gap between jobs that work and those that don’t widens, everyday American workers are left without the tools to stand up for good jobs that work for them.


Purpose and the Rockefeller foundation saw a distinct opportunity to broaden the conversation on job quality and create a new standard for what makes a good job that is grounded in the personal experiences, stories, and basic needs of modern American workers.


We created engaging entry-points to reach new audiences and everyday Americans on the issue of job quality. The goal was to expand Americans’ understanding of what essential values make a job a “good job”, broaden the conversation, and begin to shift how American workers think and talk about job quality in the US today. In addition, more employers feel pressured to create good jobs that meet the needs of Americans in a more inclusive economy.

03. Events

We created a giant, colorful, interactive installation that travelled the country to get Americans to think and talk about good jobs and what having the essential values of stability, flexibility, opportunity and pride in their job would mean for them.

04. Design


We developed a hopeful, modern, lively, and pragmatic brand that conveyed a sense of energy, progress, and patriotism to reach a broad range of American workers; one unique feature of the brand was that every value had its own corresponding color from the brand palette to be used in campaign creative.


We designed an immersive digital experience and easy interactive quiz through which visitors discover what the values of a good job mean for them and are introduced to Workshift stories, brand, and messaging.

Social Media

We designed graphics in Workshift’s brand focused on shareability and disseminating personal stories and key campaign messages, particularly among target demographics and tribes. 

05. Influencers/Media

From policy makers, advocacy partners and media, we utilized Labor Day as a digital day of action, creating a thunderclap and tweetchat to rally a diverse range of influential voices to participate and lend their voice to Workshift campaign. 

06. Impact & Press

The Workshift campaign cut through siloed interests and engaged everyday Americans in a values-based conversation on good jobs that work for them, uniting a disparate field of organizations, leaders, and workers around a single shared message of #GoodJobsForAll

People reached 14.4 million
Actions garnered 1.1 million
Partner organizations engaged 50+
Key content partnerships MSNBC