RSF Social Finance

A brand to revolutionize people's relationship with money

Founded in 1984, RSF Social Finance is a nonprofit financial services organization dedicated to transforming the way the world works with money. In order to connect more people to the mission, Purpose worked with RSF to build an engagement strategy, refreshed visual identity, and interactive website. 

02. Insights & Strategy


Since 1984, RSF Social Finance has been a finance pioneer, providing opportunities for investing, giving, and lending that are personal and transparent. As more alternatives to traditional investing popped up, however, RSF needed to differentiate themselves to show that they were more than “impact investing.”

RSF needed a refreshed brand and website that reflected the transformative nature of their work in the 21st century.


A growing audience of investors and donors is disillusioned with the current financial system, and has already started shifting their funds or financing. Impact investing is getting more attention, but our audience is hesitant to trust new players who may not have the right intentions. They are looking for people who “get” them and their values.

Our digital presence celebrates the RSF network, and demonstrates how connecting to it can change both your life and your community. RSF changes the power dynamics of money, creating ripples that transform individuals, companies, and systems.

03. Action

In partnership with RSF Social Finance, Purpose developed an engagement strategy, a refreshed brand identity, and a new website with refreshed copy and engaging design.

04. Video
05. Infographic

In addition to an explainer video, we created an infographic on their new offering, Integrated Capital.

06. Branding
07. Website

We created a new website with refreshed UX, copy and design.

08. Impact

The new visual identity retained the spirit of Rudolf Steiner while making the brand feel fresh, modern and professional. The new website offers an improved user experience that makes it easier to find content and drives engagement. Simplified language makes the brand mission, values and programs clear to potential donors, borrowers and investors.