Big Clean Switch

Big Clean Switch was created to help simplify the energy switching process for UK consumers. Using an intuitive online platform, a smart acquisition strategy, and partnership with large member-driven organizations, the Big Clean Switch enables UK households to easily switch to clean energy. @BigCleanSwitch Twitter @bigcleanswitch Facebook


Research showed that although UK consumers were amenable to switching to clean energy, there was no simple and integrated platform to facilitate this consumer action, and no outreach being done to people that would be willing to switch.


Purpose Climate Lab identified this gap, and in partnership with Ethical Introductions, a UK clean energy specialist, created Big Clean Switch to identify the most compelling messages for potential clean energy consumers and simplify the switching process.


Big Clean Switch developed an intuitive online platform to simplify the switching process. Big Clean Switch executed a smart acquisition strategy based on best performing messaging and partnerships with large member driven organisations.

Purpose Climate Lab provided seed funding to Big Clean Switch to cover some of the initial set up costs. Big Clean Switch is now self-sustaining, using money received from suppliers for switching customers to clean energy tariffs, and will in future pass some of that revenue back to Purpose Climate Lab to support other climate projects.

Theory of Change

Work with corporate partners to gain access to large audiences willing to switch to clean energy.

Work with consumer behavior experts to develop simple and effective user experience for customers who are switching their energy provider.

Reinvest money made through switching to renewable energy into the organization to enable growth.

Switch 10% of the United Kingdom’s population to accelerate the decarbonization of the economy.



The Big Clean Switch built a range of assets around an integrated, multi-partner, multi-phased campaign, including a video that is customizable with the logos of different partners, with over 50,000 views on social media and positive responses from all partners.

Through the Big Clean Switch initiative, Purpose have developed partnership with networks of over 28 million consumers in the United Kingdom, and have a promising pipeline of switches on the calendar through to mid 2018.

The Big Clean Switch is in the early stages and specific switching numbers and other quantitative performance data are still being evaluated.

The Big Clean Switch is now a self sustaining organization, with the revenue created from each individual switch being reinvested into the program.