Together for Play Lab


Enabling children to learn, grow and develop through play

We believe that play can become a driver for social and economic progress in every community. To achieve this, we are helping parents and caregivers understand the value of play for their children—while building political champions to unlock playful learning at scale. The LEGO Foundation has partnered with Purpose and with NGOs, education networks, and early childhood development organisations across Brazil,Colombia, and Rwanda—and soon South Africa— to build a strong and enduring movement for play.

Logo that says "together for play" with a child hands and colorful background
How we work
Shifting attitudes on play

Through public education and engagement, we encourage parents and families to recognise the benefits of play, dedicate more time to play with their children, and then demand more space and time for play to happen in their homes, communities, and in the classrooms.

Increasing government support for play

We organize public advocacy to demand play and encourage decision-makers to support and unlock playful learning in education systems and public spaces.

Convening key & diverse organizations

We convene and partner with a wide range of organisations to encourage play through their programmes and initiatives, unlocking play for a larger and more diverse pool of children.

Our Impact

People reached + 75.5 million
People engaged 3.5 million
People engaged in play experience +57 million

The Ministry of Education in Colombia integrated playful learning activities into the national remote education platform. We created strong partnerships with platforms, such as TikTok in Brazil, to promote playful learning and playtime amongst families. Opinion leaders, celebrities and influencers have spoken out about the importance of playful learning for children.

Where We Work

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