On August 11th, the Association of State Road Transport Undertakings (ASRTU) in New Delhi launched a mission vision, created in partnership with the Purpose Climate Lab, that committed them to transitioning their entire fleet of 150,000 buses to electric buses powered by renewable energy by 2030.

Cleaner air is on the way!

India is switching to electric buses by 2030! Last week, India's State Transport Association Association of State Road Transport Undertakings -ASRTU launched their vision for 100% renewable energy powered electric buses by 2030. SHARE and spread the word!

Posted by Help Delhi Breathe on Monday, August 14, 2017


The 100% Renewable Mobility Mission stated:

“By 2030, every person in urban India will have access to local, non-polluting, safe, efficient, affordable, accessible public transportation, through a network of buses, taxis, and 3-wheelers that are powered by 100% renewable energy.”


This is the first time that Purpose Climate Lab has created a knowledge partnership with a government organization to help them envision, create and frame their sustainability and impact work. As a campaigns organization, we are focused on accelerating the just solutions to climate change. As a lab, we are committed to exploring, testing and pivoting between different partnerships that are appropriate for the the context and the solutions from grassroots campaigning in villages in Bihar to taking on the big banks in the US. This move will ensure that at least 9.1 billion liters of CO2 is taken out of the atmosphere, it doesn’t take into the account the extra buses that are due to be added to the fleet and or the (hopefully) increased use of buses over electric cars, seeing how they are nice and shiny and clean!

The heroes of the coming work will be an unseen section of society – local government officials who run public transport in the cities, towns and rural areas. They will be the ones who, by pushing through RE production, distribution, buying EV and setting up charging infrastructure, will be helping to save the world.


Jess Hines
Campaigns Director, Purpose Climate Lab