223 million people in the world have some kind of vision loss. That’s the population of 26 and half New York Cities! But the worst part is that 4 out of 5 people who are blind do not have to be.  Many just don’t have access or cannot afford basic eye care, and this isn’t just a problem for the developing world – the problem exists in the United States too.

That’s why Purpose has teamed up with the Fred Hollows Foundation to launch the See Now campaign. Our goal is to get eye care to anyone who needs it – that means asking governments to do more to address the issue of avoidable blindness.social-graphic-basictests


Fred Hollows Foundation is an Australian eye health charity, focusing on ending avoidable blindness for Indigenous Australia and across the world.  The organization was founded by eye surgeon, Fred Hollows – a household name in Australia. He has tirelessly campaigned for better eye care, trained surgeons to save sight across the world, and performed operations for thousands of patients.



There are lots of exciting things planned for See Now!  Stay tuned for quizzes, stories, and experiences on our social media pages so make sure you follow See Now on Facebook and Twitter. There are already plenty of inspiring videos and stories posted, so go and explore! social-graphics-photography-03

If you would like to join the campaign, make sure you add your name on our website. We need the support from as many people as possible to end avoidable blindness. Join See Now here