See Now

Vision loss is one of the most common disabilities in the world, with over  223 million people affected, and 4 out of 5 people who are blind don’t need to be. See Now is a campaign to end avoidable blindness – raising awareness and asking governments to do more to address avoidable blindness. Purpose teamed up with the Fred Hollows Foundation to launch the See Now campaign with the goal of getting eye care to anyone who needs it. Sight Simulator Article - Article -


Right now, more than 223 million people suffer from vision loss or blindness. This is something we can change. The majority of eye conditions are treatable and preventable but the health sector has been unable to mobilize people to take action.

The Fred Hollows Foundation worked with Purpose to engage new and non-traditional audiences on the impact of and solutions for avoidable blindness.


4 out of 5 people that are blind don’t need to be. A single doctor’s visit or screening can prevent or cure the world’s most common vision problems. Together, we can make access to quality eye care a universal reality.

To do this, we need to build new constituencies to take action and pressure decision makers to prioritize universal eye health care and increase funding for addressing fundamental and debilitating eye health issues.

Theory of Change

Work closely with traditional actors in the field of eye health to create compelling and engaging content to support and promote their advocacy efforts to… 

Raise awareness of avoidable in order to mobilize new and non-traditional audiences to take strategic actions that increase public on local and national decisions makers to…

Create an enabling environment for decision makers to implement policies, increase funding and lift their ambitions in the field of eye health.


In partnership with Fred Hollows Foundation, Purpose developed the brand, content and organizing strategy for See Now, with the goal of engaging new audiences on and offline and increasing the visibility and salience of eye heath with decision makers and their public health agendas.


We created a website for See Now that’s integrated into their CRM system with a responsive campaign page optimized for supporter conversion.

Online Sight Simulator

We created an immersive tech experience to engage supporters with what it is like to live with blindness.

Social Media

We created, launched and promoted a series of share graphics to get the world talking about preventable blindness.

Campaign Brand, Name and Identity

Created a new movement brand for the campaign called See Now.


After only three months, our social media channels have a combined reach of over 5.6 million. In just a few days, one our videos has already had over 900K views and has been featured in major Indian and American media outlets.

In just a few days, our sight simulator was viewed over 120K times and received coverage in major news and technology publications for its innovative approach to sensitively communicating a disability.

Despite the highly politicized and partisan landscape of the US healthcare system, our campaign has received congressional endorsements from representatives of both parties.